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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closing for major refurbishment August to November 2016


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DLP's BTMRR was closed for 13 months of work. If that happened in Florida people's heads would explode more than those third lift effects.

Most WDW fans are happy with the basics because they'd prefer to have things open all the time instead of being temporarily closed for fixing.
Which is kind of sad.


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They did just rebuild the whole ride a couple years ago...How long would they have to close it down to install the new effects? Surely not 6 months...though this is Disney...who can drag a construction project indefinitely...lol


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I'm starting to think things like Cabana's and Express buses are planned distractions (that make money) that take the focus from areas that need improvements. Strategically timed, sprinkled with pixie dust.
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These effects don't require 13 months. DLP's mountain had other issues.
Yeah of course, the DLP's mountain, is as you know quite special due to the water all around it (wich make it more crazy), so it take 3 week to empty all the water, wich have been cleaned, and all the fish transferred to the artificial lake near Val d'Europe
The biggest matter, was the waterproofing of the concrete wall at the mountain base, the repainting (wich can only be made with climbers ), the tree change, because there where now so big, to the mountain scale after 25 years and of course the pipeline wich have been placed for the liquid nitrogen effect !
Oh and they changed all the ride control, so now it will be able to run 5 train without 101 2 time a day because of zone intrusion
So because of the ride control changed, they have to make come back the belgian ride testers to certify the ride, so it take 1 month of test by night.


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Aaannddd..... in full.

Watch and weep.

That looks incredible! I finally rode Big Thunder (my first time after the rehab) during Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom this past Sunday night. The initial lift area at the top with the waterfall had very different lighting. As the fireworks were just starting up, most of the exterior lighting was shut off, so it was extra thrilling. I will say that I was ecstatic to see the opossums spinning around the tree branch again. They had been static for a very long time. I didn't notice any difference in the track - didn't seem any smoother to me.


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Aaannddd..... in full.

Watch and weep.



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I still like how BTM At DLP ties in with Ravenswood Manor (Phantom Manor) and the entire of Thunder Mesa being the name of Frontierland as a tribute to the planned ride for WDW that never happened..


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Would they though?

More to the point how could this not have been added during this years refurb window?

As was originally the plan.
It is an internal joke to see how long customers in Orlando will continue to pay before they stop going. I'm convinced of it. :). I wonder if there is a stat that tells you what percent profit per ticket each of the parks makes? I suspect that there is a great deal more in profit in Anaheim then in Orlando due to the maintenance and overhead associated with Orlando. That figure alone might be the justification leadership needs to reduce budget on referbs and newly built attractions.

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