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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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My wife - who follows none of this - out of the blue asked my on the Skyliner on Thursday what they were building in the France pavilion that had that blank in themed blue back wall. It’s such poor show that She assumed it was still under construction.
I wish they’d just plant some trees to at least offer a visual distraction. I know they are ok with backstage views from monorails and skyliners, but some foliage would really help.

also there’s a GR lobby at international gateway, if enough people pop in there and voice displeasure it could bring some changes


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Im sorry if this was already discussed in this thread....does anyone have a timeline on when the crater will start to be developed and opened back up?

It looks like is one of the items put on the budgetary back burner. Along with Tron, Guardians and SSE.

Everything is going towards what can be completed by Oct 1st. ⏳


Very similar to the one by Test Track



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Very similar to the one by Test Track


Interesting, I somehow missed this! i really love the emphasis placed on the iconography, letting guests know what's available at each station. I noticed the popcorn Kiosk has a popcorn bucket where this one has a knife and fork. Visuals are always helpful, especially in a park that markets itself as an international experience. It’s a way of easily including people who may not speak English, or be able to read it.
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That was my first thought...Legos... Or shipping containers plunked down at random.
I know...It's a popcorn booth...
I must have missed The Zach's breathless post about the unbelievable design chops and something something Imagineering something Walt Disney.

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