News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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@marni1971 I apologize if this has already been addressed. But I was always curious about that initial concept art they released for future world.

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Was this an actual early plan that was scrapped? Was this an early version of what we're getting now? Or was this just more of a blue sky artist rendering of a potential direction? Can you speak about it? Or was this already covered elsewhere?
I would have liked something like this much better than the half-baked version we are getting now. Go all in, or don't.

@marni1971 Do you know if the new entrance to SSE will still be moved to the back?


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You're mixing up lagoons.

That fountain would've been in the little lagoon in front of the Odyssey, not in the World Showcase lagoon
Oh I guess you’re right. I now just noticed the monorail in the art. I feel like the scale is weird. It seems like such a large space between Spaceship Earth and the fountain.

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Except I don't applaud everything they do. But there are plenty here who find fault in everything. I remember the original spine and they are restoring much of those aesthetics. They are also ridding the plazas of the clutter that was added in the nineties and after.

The only real difference between 1982 and what they are building is the loss of the absurdly overrated and falling apart FoN. That's a win.

The new event center is definitely a step up from the southwest quadrant of communicore. How people can be so attached to the hollowed out structures that resulted in communicore being transformed into the Innoventions misfire is just mindboggling. What a mess the last quarter of a century has been for the center of FW. And if you doubt that, look at how happy people are the canopy is gone. The new entry plaza will get the same reaction.

The cynics have picked the wrong hill to fight on.



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So, basically vaporware. I will say that I saw some photos from Shanghai's Tomorrowland recently and really would've liked that look for Future World. Organic and clean.

View attachment 452966

Early concept art.
What's interesting is the concept was nearly perfectly replicated in real life while also giving an interesting perspective of the land.

I wonder if it was a late-stage concept or if less changed from concept to concept since its a whole new construction.


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Any idea if there are plans to bring back the huge palm tree clusters that flanked the rear building of SSE? They are gone in the new round of pictures. They have been there since the park opened.
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