News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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I really need to Second this post.

To be clear Fastpass and standby go to either dock at Pirates of the Caribbean.

None of the three theaters at Soarin are dedicated to Fastpass. All three take passengers from both lines.

Space Mountain will send standby passengers and Fastpass passengers both sides.

Big Thunders merge point is actually prior to the point that the line is split for the two load stations. Meaning once the Fastpass guest or the standby guest is past the merge point, they choose which of the two lines to get into.

Operations is a no way sending empty vehicles on the Fastpass side while the standby side is backing up. This just is not an accurate accessment of fast pass.

I agree for the most part although I have seen at Pirates FP sent around to a loading station that loads from the right while standby is sent to another loading station that loads from the left.


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I agree for the most part although I have seen at Pirates FP sent around to a loading station that loads from the right while standby is sent to another loading station that loads from the left.
I've seen that true, but if you watch for any prolonged period time, you will notice that while one side may favor standby and the other side May favor Fastpass but.... favors is the correct word. One side is not exclusively Fastpass nor is the other side exclusively standby. They will pull from either line to ensure boats don't leave empty from either of the two docks. You can also see this happening at Space Mountain. One side will strongly favor Fastpass while the other side will strongly favor the standby line. However when needed they will send people from either of the two lines to either of the two sides.


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A very quick word about FP: the perceived FP issue depends on OPERATIONS and whether or not an attraction is an omnimover. Math and data work only in a theoretical universe where Disney isn’t trying to artificially create lines to hold guests in place. And they are.

Before FP+, many attractions had two queues that kept the standby lines moving quickly (e.g. POTC). Others merged before a split (Space Mt.).

Post NextGen, those attractions now hold guests in a standby queue even if nobody is on the FP side. Pirates is the most glaring example, but it happens at other attractions too. This cuts the loading process in half, with half the dock empty while Guests are backed up in standby. Sometimes BTMRR gets around this by operating only one loading dock; it saves staff $$$ but creates an artificially long wait time on an otherwise slow day. At Space Mt., FP is usually sent to the right track while Standby wraps through the left switchbacks. In the past, the merge point came at the top of the star tunnel, and the switchbacks moved quickly. Guests are punished for using standby.

High-capacity attractions such as SSE, IASW, and HM — and less popular ones like Imagination — have unnecessary lines because Guests pick up unneeded FPs in the MDE app, and constantly slow down a loading process that was designed to eat crowds.

The big issue is that Ops doesn’t use load capacity past the merge point.

To your point. You can tell some Ops teams are better at managing that capacity than others. I generally find BTMRR and EE teams are generally better than SM and HM.


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Let’s be clear.

Fastpass can have some negative effects on some attractions.

Some attractions are better at others at merging the proper ratios of fastpass to standby.


With or without fastpass the capacity of an attraction does not change. They are not sending empty vehicles on some fictitious fastpass side while standby waits longer on their side. If there are not enough fastpass guests to fill seats or vehicles standby guests will be in those seats.

If vehicles or seats are being sent empty it’s because of a poorly performing cast member somewhere in the chain that is not following established procedure. It has nothing to do with Fastpass or some perceived intent to inflate standby waits.


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I really don’t like fastpass. It makes the standby line ridiculously long. Thats why I always do FOP when the park closes at night. No more fastpasses sneaking infront of you. Takes about 45 minutes to do the whole standby line when there are no fastpasses in what would be around 2,5 hours if there are. Same with slinky dog dash.

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How does it work? When there are no more fastpasses, the line moves quicker right? Because there are no more people getting in front of you all the time. So all seats get filled with people of the line you’re standing in and not only half of the seats.
The Fastpass people have been "in line" just virtually. Remove the FP and those people just go back into the standby line so the line would become longer anyways


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The one main benefit is without the fast passes, you’d always be moving in the line. Whether or not wait times are the same (which I believe they would be lowered but it’s possible there’d be no change), there would be no point where the stand by guests would have to stop moving to let x-amount of fast passers in. I noticed this at Toy Story Mania in December, where stand by was about a 50 minute wait, and I’d say a good 30-40 minutes of that was just standing still while the cast members waited for fast pass guests to come through. Then they’d let about 2 parties of stand by guests in, before going back to the fast pass.

I’d rather feel like I’m at least moving through the line for my entire wait, than stand still for a few minutes and move a couple spaces closer every once in a while. I noticed this at the Very Merry Christmas party, and it felt so good to just keep moving, regardless of line length (granted I don’t think we waited more than 15 minutes for a ride, but the continuous movement didn’t make the wait seem like anything at all).


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Whether or not wait times are the same (which I believe they would be lowered but it’s possible there’d be no change)

From the analysis I've done based on TouringPlans historical data of posted wait times, FP flattened the wait time curve. It significantly shortened attraction wait times at peak times of day (11-3), and slightly increased them the rest of the day (opening to 11 and 3 to closing), although the rest of the day was still shorter than peak times. This is because FP distributes the wait times more evenly over the course of the day.


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I think people on both sides of the FP argument are missing the point each other is trying to make ... listen to each other instead of trying to be right ...
I don’t appreciate your logic. 😉

But in all seriousness one may notice my lack of posting recently. It’s mostly due to the umm...over passionate folks around here lately.


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Sorry if my posts came off as aggresive. Not intended that way at all! I just posted I enjoy doing rides like FOP and SDD at park close, cause in my experience the wait it much lower at that time when there are no more fastpasses. Got told thats not how it works. Sure works for me though :)


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It's hard to believe that Disney wants people stuck in lines. People stuck in lines aren't able to (as easily) spend money on merchandise and food.

That was the alleged purpose of the original FastPass system - Get people out of line and into the shops and restaurants spending money. Then lines started getting so long they needed interactive queues to entertain guests while in line, even for those with a FastPass. Now... who knows.

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