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News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?


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New attraction...

Escape From The Descent of SSE:Revenge of the Triangles
This would be even better though, with a foul mouthed, machine gun toting raccoon. That fits with their sales pitch a D23 right? "More Disney, More Family, More optimistic like the original intent of Epcot"


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I'm wondering what the concept art shows behind Spaceship Earth, looks different, like they're changing the exit area a bit? (whatever it's called now, Project Tomorrow?)

Also, seeing this possible new layout, it seems people may be able to go much more quickly to the Seas and GOTG without having buildings in the way, so maybe that's part of the reason they're planning this.


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It's still due to complete during 2020 last I heard.
Knowing that, it just feels like they should've started on some visible part of FW by now. Unless this is going to be the rare appearance of super fast demo and construction that doesn't seem (maybe it does, I never noticed it) to happen in WDW anymore.
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It's still due to complete during 2020 last I heard.
I always try to think about logical Capex when it comes to these projects and getting attractions up and running before asthetics makes some sense. The "blue sky" does give me some hope of at least cohesive visuals if not cohesiveness of attraction placement. Rat would be a great ride...for MK. GotG would really enhance DHS (or whatever it will be). FEA is already a done deal so it's a loss. Cartoons are already all over the place so that battle was lost long ago. We can still hope for atmosphere, much like AK is still visually stunning (except DinoLand). I just hope to live long enough to see their future vision.


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I loved old Epcot. A lot. However, it's dead and has been for a long time. I'd be ok with the blue sky art. Update The Land, The Seas, and give Imagination a proper Figment ride. Not too thrilled about GOTG, but with MS and something spacey in WOL, fine. They could demo TT and redo it and it wouldn't bother me a bit. Demo Innoventions and make a bunch of green space. Update SSE. Not sure what you would call it, but the project looks pretty cool to me and would bring some life back the the top of the park.


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The Swolphin and the EPCOT entrance hotel possibly?:D
Could be. I forgot about the Swolphin tower as news since so many sources are saying it's happening that I regard it as a done deal.

Everyone wants a piece of that SW:GE pie. Which makes me sad in thinking that Swolphin rates are only going to go up. :(
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