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Best Moderate Resort

What is the best moderate resort?

  • Carribean

    Votes: 19 20.9%
  • Port Orleans

    Votes: 49 53.8%
  • Coranado

    Votes: 23 25.3%

  • Total voters


Is one of these resorts a little more quiet than the other two or are all three relatvely similar in terms of guest numbers/activity?

I would assume it depends on what time of year you stay at any resort, but just wondering, in general, if one is considered a little more peaceful than the others

I'd have to go with Coronado Springs in this category. It has more of an adult crowd and is usually pretty quiet. I run around the lake in the mornings and it's sooo peaceful and quiet. Not to mention gorgeous. It's my fav :)


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Top picks for Disney moderate resorts

Alright ya'll not only is this an award but this is sort of a question. See, I wasn't planning on having a chance to go back to the world for another like 5 years :cry:, but a slight change of plan and free airline tickets allowed us to go back once for almost a week.:sohappy::sohappy::D We're planning to stay at a moderate resort for 3 nights. (another first, we've stayed offsite every visit so far)

So aside from your poll answer, what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?

Here are my picks for top moderate resorts: http://disneyvacations4families.com/disney_orlando_hotels/top_disney_moderate_resorts.htm

There are picks for the other categories (both onsite and offsite) too. I'm jealous because I want to go back so bad! We've gone the past two years and are taking next year off. :(


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This poll would have meant more if POFQ and POR had been listed separately. Of course PO is the vote leader when the votes for two resorts are combined like this.


i have to say, i much prefer the theming and all around feel of caribbean beach, esp. now they refurbed the pool area.

i have only stayed in po when it was dixie landings but i do miss getting the boat into dtd

Sam Eagle 1776

Original Poster
This poll would have meant more if POFQ and POR had been listed separately. Of course PO is the vote leader when the votes for two resorts are combined like this.

I see what you mean, despite being clearly seperated FQ and Riverside are distictly different. Anyway, we stayed at Riverside and it was awesome. It was a lot bigger than I thought before. The New Orleans swamp land theme is done very well. (no herculean feat as central Florida pretty much looked like that before but still...)

The walkways and river were very nice and the main building was impressive. The bus transportation was on time and worked better than usual for us. We stayed at alligator bayou. There are actually a lot of pools there. People say they like French Quarter more but what I saw of both Riverside seemed a bit nicer.


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Difficult Choice for Best Moderate

I have stayed at all of the moderates (Coronado 2X, Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter and Caribbean). Here's the bottom line, it simply depends on what your likes and dislikes are as well as who you are traveling with. I usually travel with my wife and 3 children (7,9,15) but on occasion my wife and I are able to sneak in a weekend. If we are with the kids they love the Coronado because of the theme and the main pool (dig site). They also love the lake and sneaking in a bit of fishing. My wife and I prefer French Quarter when we travel alone because it is much smaller than the other resorts and everything is a short walk from your room (regardless of the building). Furthermore, Scat Cats (little bar in main building) is a terrific place to have a few drinks and be entertained. The consensus least favorite is the Caribbean. The main pool seems small compared to the others and the layout and theming is a bit boring. We also all agree that we would rather stay at any of these resorts than staying anwhere off site.


Caribbean Beach

How does the room size compare to Movies Value Resort? We are a family of 4 and would like to be comfortable.....Thanks!!:)

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