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Best Disney tip you ever got!

I've also purchased a Brita water bottle and used water from the park. You can also get water from any QS restaurant.
We bring these as well! They make a huge difference. Sometimes we even add an individual lemonade or kool aid packet. They make the ones with the plastic loops that you can attach to your backpack.
I know there's other threads with similar subjects, but why not start a new one :D

What has been the best tip you've received from someone else or realized on your own. It can be about anything and everything Disney. Whether it's about a ride, food, snacks, something to bring into the parks with you, something to do etc. Something someone told you, a CM, or something you read on the boards.

For me the best tip I ever got helped me with my son! I bought a bunch of glow sticks and took a pack with us into the parks every day....let me tell you this was the best thing when it was dark and my son was having a breakdown. Pull them out, and he had a blast...even shared them with other kids. It was something that was so simple and inexpensive but it was a life saver & if it wasn't for reading it on the boards I would have never thought of it.

Another thing that I read after I had done it was taking instant coffee with you and this way you'll have REAL coffee and not that Nescafe thing they call coffee. It saved my husband! lol. During our first trip he could not stop complaining about how horrible the coffee was! So on our 2nd and 3rd trip I bought a little thing of instant coffee which he would put a few spoonfuls into his mug and then in the food court add hot water, cream and sugar!

Let's hear them!!!:D
My daughter always fought naps at home and I racked my brain to figure out how on EARTH I was going to get her to take a nap at Disney! Definitely on a budget, I read that pre-purchasing your souvenirs would save hassle and money in the long run. I took this tip and combined with a few others to make a gift bag for each day of our trip. I also came up with some little poems for each souvenir. The first day we arrived, I made an excuse to go back to the car where I brought the bag to the concierge and explained my plan. My daughter got a letter from Mickey that said that she was his special guest and that he has something special for her when she wakes up from her nap. Although it was 10 am, that child literally wanted to turn around and go back to the room for her nap! But each day I gave her a gift bag (from "Mickey") and I never had an issue with her taking a nap!
Last night, after the MK fireworks, everyone was rushing for the monorail to get back to the TTC. The line was huge. I asked a CM the best way to get back to the TTC, "and be honest!" He pointed to the Resorts Monorail and said to get off at the 2nd stop. Saved myself probably an hour waiting in line for the direct-to-TTC monorail.


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A lot of people try to beat crowds by leaving the parks early at night, but my family always stays and tries to get in as many rides as possible. You can get into line up to the minute the park closes and as long as you are in the queue before closing they will let you ride.
Kind of going along with this, if there isn't a line you can ask to ride again without getting out and getting back in line. Even if there is a short line, it never hurts to ask :cat:
At the beginning of this thread everyone talked about using fastpasses past their printed time and it makes me sad we don't have paper fastpasses anymore :cry: They've gotten really strict with staying within that time frame. Not too long after they made the switch to the digital ones, my mom presented a CM with a BTMR fastpass from 2004 I believe. He thought it was so hilarious he let us go through the fastpass line anyways :hilarious:
I have two best tips ever - ALWAYS do your hair, you never know when that perfect picture will be. You don't want to have bad hair, I take the time to wash and curl each day. The other best tip ever is pre order from Garden Grocer, I have the app on my phone. We get some wine, water and snacks delivered to our resort the day we arrive. Saves us $$ and it is super easy to use! I even get half and half sent for our room - as my husband says I like coffee with my cream. I know you can't get two more opposite tips but they are the best I've got!