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I know there's other threads with similar subjects, but why not start a new one :D

What has been the best tip you've received from someone else or realized on your own. It can be about anything and everything Disney. Whether it's about a ride, food, snacks, something to bring into the parks with you, something to do etc. Something someone told you, a CM, or something you read on the boards.

For me the best tip I ever got helped me with my son! I bought a bunch of glow sticks and took a pack with us into the parks every day....let me tell you this was the best thing when it was dark and my son was having a breakdown. Pull them out, and he had a blast...even shared them with other kids. It was something that was so simple and inexpensive but it was a life saver & if it wasn't for reading it on the boards I would have never thought of it.

Another thing that I read after I had done it was taking instant coffee with you and this way you'll have REAL coffee and not that Nescafe thing they call coffee. It saved my husband! lol. During our first trip he could not stop complaining about how horrible the coffee was! So on our 2nd and 3rd trip I bought a little thing of instant coffee which he would put a few spoonfuls into his mug and then in the food court add hot water, cream and sugar!

Let's hear them!!!:D


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My daughter always fought naps at home and I racked my brain to figure out how on EARTH I was going to get her to take a nap at Disney! Definitely on a budget, I read that pre-purchasing your souvenirs would save hassle and money in the long run. I took this tip and combined with a few others to make a gift bag for each day of our trip. I also came up with some little poems for each souvenir. The first day we arrived, I made an excuse to go back to the car where I brought the bag to the concierge and explained my plan. My daughter got a letter from Mickey that said that she was his special guest and that he has something special for her when she wakes up from her nap. Although it was 10 am, that child literally wanted to turn around and go back to the room for her nap! But each day I gave her a gift bag (from "Mickey") and I never had an issue with her taking a nap!


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Last night, after the MK fireworks, everyone was rushing for the monorail to get back to the TTC. The line was huge. I asked a CM the best way to get back to the TTC, "and be honest!" He pointed to the Resorts Monorail and said to get off at the 2nd stop. Saved myself probably an hour waiting in line for the direct-to-TTC monorail.


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A lot of people try to beat crowds by leaving the parks early at night, but my family always stays and tries to get in as many rides as possible. You can get into line up to the minute the park closes and as long as you are in the queue before closing they will let you ride.
Kind of going along with this, if there isn't a line you can ask to ride again without getting out and getting back in line. Even if there is a short line, it never hurts to ask :cat:
At the beginning of this thread everyone talked about using fastpasses past their printed time and it makes me sad we don't have paper fastpasses anymore :cry: They've gotten really strict with staying within that time frame. Not too long after they made the switch to the digital ones, my mom presented a CM with a BTMR fastpass from 2004 I believe. He thought it was so hilarious he let us go through the fastpass line anyways :hilarious:


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I have two best tips ever - ALWAYS do your hair, you never know when that perfect picture will be. You don't want to have bad hair, I take the time to wash and curl each day. The other best tip ever is pre order from Garden Grocer, I have the app on my phone. We get some wine, water and snacks delivered to our resort the day we arrive. Saves us $$ and it is super easy to use! I even get half and half sent for our room - as my husband says I like coffee with my cream. I know you can't get two more opposite tips but they are the best I've got!


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The first tip I ever give anyone is Do not get caught in the exit crowds! Sit down have an ice cream and people watch til everyone is gone! Saves yourself a lot of stress plus staying to take pics of the parks almost empty at night is great.
I second this tip! Main Street people watching at the end of the night is just the best! You can see parents carring their sleeping children in the oddest ways. You see children still living that sugar high. You get to enjoy a snack whilst watching families implode, while some are closer than ever... all under this beautiful yellow-y glow. Its my favorite! 😁😁😁


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I second this tip! Main Street people watching at the end of the night is just the best! You can see parents carring their sleeping children in the oddest ways. You see children still living that sugar high. You get to enjoy a snack whilst watching families implode, while some are closer than ever... all under this beautiful yellow-y glow. Its my favorite! 😁😁😁
People definitely lose their pixie dust in the exit crowds! Lol


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Tip 1: Be Nice
Some rides I don't go on so I get to hold everything and people watch. Let's just say there are some crazy's each and every day!

Tip 2: Clean up after yourselves... there will always be someone waiting for that table to come available.

Tip 3: Take a couples / family picture for them...
I see so many couples taking there pictures apart because it's only them. I've stopped so many times to ask "Can I take your picture?" that my family is like "There goes Dad again!" - I just imagine these people going home and at least they have a pic of each other in front of the castle. in front of the tree of life, in front of space ship earth together and only takes a minute of your time. One time it was four girls from Japan.. could barely speak English but I took their pic a few times when we'd end up seeing each other throughout the park! By the end we hugged goodbye. I can only imagine the stories they told when they got back home and showed the pics of all four of them together. "There was this nice man...."
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The best tip I have ( found it here on WDWmagic ) is to take a break from the parks during the day. Go have fun and eat lunch at the park , go back to your resort , relax and take a nap or swim for a while , then hit the parks again refreshed and ready to enjoy it all ! I know some folks think that to leave the parks for a nap is a waste of money , but it made our trip SO much more enjoyable that we will always take time to do this from now on.
Totally agree


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but heres the thing I bought a poncho in 2007 it was 10.00 every year I bring it back and the last 2 yrs it ripped and I got a brand new one, they trade it out for you! So really your not loosing any money!

Really? One of ours just ripped and I was going to throw it away.
We recently used them while attending a soccer match in the pouring rain, we also used them in Key West, FL.. so we’ve definitely had our money’s worth! :)


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Best 2 Tips I’ve received-

1. Special Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom cards during holiday parties.

2. Be at Hollywood Studios BEFORE rope drop if you want to make it in the Jedi Training Academy queue.


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I definitely agree with this. It's also helpful to put battery-operated lights on it - especially around Christmastime... festive and functional during the night!

Decorating our stroller. It was a life saver, our kid walks up to it every time, no matter how large the "stroller sea" is.


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Last night, after the MK fireworks, everyone was rushing for the monorail to get back to the TTC. The line was huge. I asked a CM the best way to get back to the TTC, "and be honest!" He pointed to the Resorts Monorail and said to get off at the 2nd stop. Saved myself probably an hour waiting in line for the direct-to-TTC monorail.
It's amazing how few people know of this.


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Things we did this time:
-10050 Anker QC 3.0 battery packs for the 3 of us. No one ran out of juice, and battery packs were ready to go the next day (cellphones were Galaxy S7, iPhone 6, iPhone 8 plus). There are those who love the Fuel Rods available in the parks, same idea, but we can use this at home with far greater ability for fesitvals, parades, camping, etc. Also, the Quick Charge feature really puts the phones back fully in action very quickly. There are plenty of good battery packs out there, but remember that there's always a certain amount of charge lost in the process, usually 30-40% I'm told. Find your sweet spot for weight and charge capacity.
-Zip lock bags to put said battery packs and phones in for rain and water rides.
-"Posterior" (censorship, heh) packs for all adults. Probably not everyone in your group needs to be carrying a drawstring bag or a back pack. But a fannie pack for everyone is a great place to put a portable battery pack, Ziplock bags, or stash a cell phone, if you're earing athletic shorts with no belt to clip your phone, plus other essentials, including sunscreen.
-Cargo shorts for carrying a variety of gear. The downside? All those pockets gets the people at the metal detectors all aflutter. Count on increased chances for being selected to go through the detectors at points where that's optional.
-Bought for less than 3 bucks, a pack of 48 half liter bottles of water from Costco. Combined with the free water at the QS places, and other rehydration stations around, no one went thirsty or had to buy bottled water. Kept putting new bottles in the mini-fridge at night.
-Melatonin for those who got wound up at night. If someone has gotten their second wind at the wrong time, this is very helpful for winding things down, so that they can get up the next morning.
-A backpack big enough to fit a good collapsible umbrella or two, in addition to water bottles, etc. Totes (and others) have some nice, small umbrellas that open fairly large. We had two that were from Costco that fit into a high school drawstring bag. Very useful for when you just don't feel the discomfort of a poncho is worth it.
-ID and cell phone number in your bag/backpack. Yours truly went into Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary. Dinner was progressing nicely when my wife asked where our drawstring bag was, which I'd had the responsibility of. Uh-oh. After exiting for a quick look around the area where I'd been waiting for our name to be buzzed for our table, and striking out, I went back into the restaurant, determined to check with lost and found afterwards. But 5 minutes later, the front desk called. The bag was found, with my name and cell number in the autograph book inside the bag, which is how I was called. Whew! Lesson learned.
-The Walmart on Old Lake Wilson Road, by West Gate off US 192. Welcome to what my wife called Tourist Heaven. There are literally dozens of aisles devoted totally to Disney merchandise. It's not Disney Park merchandise, but it is official Disney merchandise. And then throw in many more aisles with Universal merchandise and more generic Florida/Orlando stuff, and there's still more. Decide you need to buy a stroller? They've got'em. Ponchos? One side of an aisle is devoted to ponchos. There's another aisle where one side is completely devoted to misting fans. Another for adapters and wires. There's an aisle that's almost completely given over to key chains, both sides. Magnets. T-shirts, PJs, dolls, stuffed characters, fannie packs, etc. And then there are basic tourist necessities, If you've ever gone through a Walmart and seen the area where they have the tourist sized toiletries, imagine this with aisles devoted to that concept. Also, an official ticket seller to all the local theme parks. If not having a Disney Parks label doesn't matter for your kids, or for souvenirs back home, this is a great place to get them. And the perfect place for anything you might have forgotten to bring with you.
-There's also the Disney Character Warehouse at the Orlando Premium Outlets on Vineland Avenue (it's just outside the Food Court in the center of the mall). We checked it out but didn't find anything that interested us. However, this is one of those stores which is going to have ebb and flows. If you do find something there, it will be genuine Disney Parks/Disney Cruise Line merchandise, and not just "merely" licensed Disney merchandise.
-Pineapple Lanai. Finally, you don't have to go to the Magic Kingdom to get that bit of heaven known as Dole Pineapple Whip. The Polynesian Village Resort has them available just on the outside of the first floor of the Great Ceremonial House, on the way to the pool and where Movies Under the Stars is shown. So if you're staying at the Poly, or there for the Luau show, for breakfast or dinner at 'Ohana, or hanging out at Trader Sam's, stop by for Dole Pineapple Whip goodness. It's almost enough to make me not miss the lobby's waterfall feature...okay, not really.
-The Memory Maker. Okay, this is a definite "your mileage may vary" bit of advice. It's not cheap, $169, but they've added cameras to many rides that weren't there before. So, in addition to having your picture on a ride where you have to link a Magic Band, or photopass card, such as the Buzz Light Year Space Ranger Spin at Magic Kingdom, this way you'll get pictures for a number of other rides, like Pirates of the Caribbean and video of you and party on the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Lots of effects have been added as well. This is definitely a cost analysis option. If you're planning lots of character meetings where there will be Photopass photographers, and you want those pictures, and you want pictures from almost every ride you go on where there's a camera (I'm still sore we didn't get our Test Track pic, we were delayed getting off and never got our picture to put a wristband to, and it didn't get automatically saved). Note than most character dining does not have a PhotoPass photographer following the characters around. You're on your own for that. But, some dining will have a Photopass opportunity. Dinner at 1900 Park Fare has a PhotoPass with Cinderella's shoe; breakfast at 'Ohana has a PhotoPass with Pluto; these take place outside the dining area. The Character Spots in the theme parks, however, DO have PhotoPass photographers. Again, a factor to consider.
We milked the heck out of the PhotoPasses. So, if you want to get a lot of professional pictures of your entire family, plus ride pictures, plus enhanced pictures, and some video, and compare your length of stay in the parks, this might very well be worth the money. It's $169 if you're there for 4 days, and it's $169 if you're there for 10 days.

Some oldies but goodies, ideas from others and observations:
-You can bring your own food into the parks, in addition to water bottles.
-If you're staying somewhere that has a full fridge with a freezer, put some water bottles in the freezer for cold water most of the day.
-Dining plans.
-They end at midnight. So, if you're in a park which closes prior to midnight, and you have extra meals or snacks to burn, you have until midnight to use them: Disney Springs is a good place to do that, possibly Boardwalk. Conversely, if you're in a park that has Extra Magic Hours that extend after midnight, you can stay until whatever time the park closes, but your Dining Plan credits will end at midnight, not when the park closes.
-Do your math on the Dining Plans. You have to trade in 2 sitdown meals for a dinner show or signature dining. It is rarely going to be worth the cost, you're usually going to be better off paying cash. For example, it costs $64 for category 3, $68 for category 2 seating at the Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue. You'd have to use 2 sit down meals for the basic dining plan to get those tickets. But when you realize that many dining plan sitdowns would easily run in cash $35-60, plus tip, and the Hoop-Dee-Doo includes tip, well, the math says it's not smart to give up two dining plan sit down meals for one dinner show.
-Disney Springs. As mentioned, you can use many of your Dining Plan credits at Disney Springs, and there are some really great options, from sitdown meals, signature dining, quick service and snacks. Oh, yes, and shopping, a ton of it. It really is worth the time to visit this area.
-We had a lot of rain, while we were there, and I noticed something that stood out more than usual: Lots of women wearing swimsuits underneath their clothing in place of regular underwear. Also, Quick Dry and moisture wicking clothing were more popular than ever.
-Happily Ever After Fireworks at the Magic Kingdom. To call this the new fireworks show at the MK is completely, totally wrong. I loved Wishes, but that was a fireworks show. Happily Ever After is much more than a fireworks show, the real star of the show is Cinderella's Castle and the projections put upon it. This means that you want to get into the central hub area into a taped off area with a view that is not blocked by trees that is a close to center as possible to fully appreciate it. People pack Main Street to watch, but the further away you are, the less you can make out. It really is a spectacular show, and is well worth getting there early for good seating. Typically the show starts at 9:15 pm, and is 18 minutes long. Things then clear out and:
-Once Upon a Time. This just has a few fireworks compared to Happily Ever After, but features the same projection magic onto Cinderella's Castle. Getting a good view of the show is very easy, as there's nowhere near the crowd as there is for Happily Ever After. This is still an amazing 14 minute show.
-Get a FastPass for Avatar: Flight of Passage as soon as possible. I join an increasing chorus: This is the best ride I've ever been on. Waits can still be insane, so get that FastPass as soon as you can. Important note: If you're afraid of heights and Soarin' is either too much for you, or just barely in your tolerance range, don't do this ride. It makes Soarin' look like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
-If you need or want to extend your stay, it is no problem to add onto your tickets if they're part of a package, and the longer you stay, the cheaper your tickets. It cost less than $33 for our party of 3 to have our 9-day park hopper plus tickets become 10-day park hopper plus tickets.
-They do not have this flexibility with Dining Plans, even if staying at the same resort. So decide to arrive early by a day, you can have your ticket adapted with no trouble, but if you want a dining plan, it can't be added onto your existing Dining Plan. So, if you have a 5 night stay planned, with the Basic Dining plan, that is 1 sitdown, 1 Quick Service and 2 snacks a night, and you decide to arrive early by 1 day, you'll have no trouble having your ticket extended for 6 nights instead of 5, but if you want another Dining Plan, you have to book an entirely separate plan from your previous plan. Thus on Day 1, everything expires at midnight and does not carry over. Likewise, if you decide to add on days to your stay, your original Dining Plan ends at midnight on your last planned day, with any unused meals/snacks expiring at that time, with a new Dining Plan coming into play, if you paid for that option.
-Thus, if you arrive early and get that ticket extended, but the family has such a great time that everyone stays at the resort and doesn't use the tickets purchased, if you decide to extend by a day, you can still use that ticket, because it doesn't expire until after 14 days of first use. But any dining plan not used on that first extra day expires, and doesn't roll over onto your existing Dining Plan, and you can't extend your existing Dining Plan for an additional stay, you have to get an additional dining plan.
-Don't be afraid to rent an ECV/scooter if you need to; they can complicate matters, but they're a lot better than staying at the resort because you can't make it, or worse, that you aggravate your condition due to pride. Rent from one of the companies Disney lists on it's site; that way you can use it outside the parks, for less than half the price of what Disney charges for an ECV that can only be used in Disney's parks (Disney will honor the receipt for any stroller, wheelchair or ECV rented in the parks on that day; meaning you can rent at the MK, then go to Epcot with your receipt and not have to pay again for a rental at that park for that day). They come in a variety of sizes, including scooters which can be broken down for transport in the back of an SUV or even the trunk of a car.
-Disney's Minnie Vans service, Disney's new transportation service along the lines of Uber and Lyft, has a number of vans fully equipped for disability service, something Uber and Lyft usually doesn't have at anywhere near the same level of availability.
-If you're driving or renting a car, you can go park at any resort where you have a dining reservation.
-Find out how bus timing is if you have ADRs and you're not driving. Uber, Lyft and the Minnie Van service might be your best bet to get to your ADR on time for where you are in WDW.
-Don't be afraid to ask about food allergies. Just about every restaurant has someone in charge of allergy information. You don't want to have to go for medical treatment because you were afraid to ask about nuts in that delicious looking pastry that couldn't possibly have nuts, could it?
-WDW restaurants are capable of handling all number of dining requests due to dietary needs and desires. Let them know if you have them. But, as an example, I can't remember a restaurant that we went through or dined at, be it Quick Service or Sit Down, that didn't have a vegetarian option.
-Group Trip Shirts. We didn't but a lot of people did.

There's certainly more I can't think of at the moment, but the penultimate tip I have is be prepared for construction over the next year or two. The new Riviera Resort, the Caribbean Resort, Coronado Springs, the Tron Coaster at MK, Guardians of the Galaxy and Ratatouille at Epcot, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and the Star Wars Hotel at Hollywood Studios, a new garage and the NBA experience at Disney Springs, new overpass/interchanges at Osceola and Victory Way at ESPN Wide World of Sports, and at World Drive and the entrance to the Magic Kingdom parking area (easier access to the resorts), and, of course, the Skyliner Gondola system. All of that is going on now, with possibly more things to come as Disney approaches it's 50th anniversary in 2021. One other thing: Relax, and have fun!


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- Bring a rechargeable backup phone battery (the Anker ones on Amazon are great)
- #1 hands down best tip is to bring spray antiperspirant deodorant in your bag or backpack. It can then be shared with your group and won't melt in the heat. Everyone will love you.
- Go to one of the local antique/resale shops to buy pins to trade. I know of at least one that was near Celebration that had tons of legit pins they were practically giving away.

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Air Conditioning Trick
One thing I have learned that is very helpful (especially if you love cold air like myself) is that the air conditioning units at the resorts are motion sensored. This means that if you are in the park and you turn the air conditioning on expecting it to be cool when you get back to the room, it won't actually turn get turned on until there is motion in the room. The same goes for when you are sleeping.

There is a solution
Introducing a balloon, let it float around the room. It will trick the sensors and the air will always be on. That's pure Disney magic right there


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I totally agree- the best Disney trip I wever took was the week AFTER my school's spring break. The entire trip was a little bit more special because I was "breaking the rules".

Exactly! You know that when kids are normally out of school, that WDW will be busy!

If you can go at a time when kids would normally be IN school, the park won't be as busy and you can enjoy your trip a little more!

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