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Back....with tons of media


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Hi Folks ... I'm back from my US trip . and I'm packed with over 12h's of Disney video and 10 h's of Disney Audio ...

Most videos are filmed in 25p Widescreen and Dolby Headphone ...

All audio is in Dolby Headphone

stay tuned in this thread for a list of upcomming shows and rides that I will release soon .... :wave:


Magic Kingdom:
It's a Small World (after rehab) released
Peter Pan's Flight released
The many adventures of Winnie the Pooh released
Stitch Preshow released
Snow Whites Scary Adventures released
Hall of Presidents released
Splash Mountainreleased
Big Thunder Mountain released
TTA released
Carousel of Progress released
Pirates of the Carribean
Wishes released
Mickey's Philharmagic released

Disney Studios:
Lights Motors Action released
Tower of Terror 4 released
Studio Tour
Fantasmic Breakdown ( :cry: ) released

Spaceship Earth released
Testtrack released
Turtle Talk with Crush released
El Rio del Tempo
Reflections of Earth released

Animal Kingom:
Killimanjaro Safari
Rafikkis Planet Watch
Festival of the Lion King released


Magic Kingdom:
Stitch Great Escape (sounds awsome in surround) released
Sitch Great Escape Preshow released
Space Mountain released
Timekeeper released
Hounted Mansion Preshow (note the vice from above your head)released
Buzz Lightyear spaceranger Spin released

Disney Studios:
Rokin' Roll Roller Coaster released
Rokin' Roll Roller Coaster preshow released
Voyage of the little Mermaid released
Star Tours released
One man's dream released
Magic of Disney Animation released
Adventures of the Little Mermaid released
The Great Movie Ride released

Soarin ( :sohappy: ) released
Mission Space released
Ellens Energy Adventure MainShow released
Ellens Energy Adventure PreShow released
Bodywars released

Animal Kingom:
It's Tough to be a bug released
Primeval Whirl released

Pleasure Island:
Adventurers Club released

Universal Studios:


MIB released
BTTF released
Revenge of the Mummy released
Horror Makup Show
Terminator 2 3D released

still more added later :wave:


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OK.... the first 3D Dolby Headphone audio is out Stitch's Great Escape .. on my server and on distro .. be sure to grab it ... it's amazing .. like you're really there .. and stitch lives from 3D Audio

best surround sound with in ear phones ..


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OK pal's ... large update in my Surround Sound audio section...should be something for everyone there .. see fist post what audio has been released (and overall release status) .. happy downloading :wave:


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no the videos not yet .. all together I have 400 gigabyte of video data brought back :eek: ... but this is to much for any hdd (ok some raids could handle that)

so I have to transfer the videos in small portions .. the rides alone .. and then edit and encode them...I will start with the videos this weekend..after I did all the audio editing.. so stay tuned

I can't host the videos myself .. cause my line is not fast enough .. but if there is someone willing to host my stuff .. I would be happy :king:


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What kind of camera do you have? I could host the videos possibly.. It depends on their file size and how many people would be downloading.. Do you have AIM?


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the camera is a panasonic GS400 .. so the videos are of very good resolution and colors .. maybe it's worth doing two versions of every video .. one for the masses (small wmv) and one for purists with fast lines (HQ divx/xvid)


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OK wishes is out

Dolby Headphone Surround
HDTV 1280x720
Windows Media Video HD
153MB (but worth it)

already on my server .. and soon on Distro for the servers(uploading)

grab it .. looks and sounds awsome :wave:

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