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AVATAR land - the specifics


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I've been told that the 2 remaining sagittaria cephlopod creatures have been removed but the water effect is still working....does anyone know if these animal props are getting some TLC?


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Anyone know where the Navi animatronic at the end of river journey went to?! She was missing on our trip to DAK yesterday


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In Tim's latest video he says he went on a tour to Central Shops and they have started the maintenance on the vehicles for FOP. He had rode it at the afterhours and said there are some changes, you can feel the wings flapping now.
I only got to ride FOP twice. I remember the breathing, but can't say if I felt the wings flapping. Honestly I was too overwhelmed to focus on any one aspect.
I think the plants in River Journey that he got exited about have always been there, but they really were popping in the video.
Glad to see the ground resurfacing is continuing. There had been some mention of an additional coating on the surface to prevent the colors from fading too fast, but we'll have to see.
Hopefully they can find ways to tweak the nighttime bioluminescence and kick it up a notch.
Now that they've shown crowds are down enough where they can have walk-around characters on the main path, I'm hoping they can do some kind of creature walk through. I always thought a repopulation program could make for a fun interraction. Walk a creature from the Satuli side gate to the River side gate and say it's to help bring life back to the area that had been strip-mined in the past.


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One AA in the entire attraction. I get it has to be removed for refurbishment from time to time but if no AA, the ride is no different from the old Three Calleberos with just screens.
How much would it cost to build two AAs, and when one goes down, you put their partner in to take over? Is NRJ going to get ported when they bring Pandora to other parks?


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Have there been discussions to clone Pandora anywhere else? Genuine question for anyone who knows.
Because of the movie's popularity in China, I figured it would eventually get to Shanghai or HK. The Paris expansion included a lot of IP lands, and I'd expect more. Different calculus too now that they have Fox and own the movies.

Stevie Amsterdam

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Went to Disney and the first rides I went was Avatar - Flight of Passage and Navi- River Journey. They were wonderful and a technological feat. Flight of Passage was thrilling and the Navi river journey was quite relaxing :) . I have my videos in my playlist

It's anticlimactic to not see the animatronic at the end :oops:
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