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Avatar Flight of Passage reviews, comments and questions


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Rode FoP for the first time last week. I got unlucky and couldn't snag a FP for it but got lucky in that I was at the Moonlight Madness DVC party in AK and got to ride it then.
I was totally blown away! This is now my favorite ride in WDW. Being a bigger guy I almost didn't get to ride as the cast member was pushing the back safety bar and it wouldn't' click green. Finally I told her to just push it and make it go green and if I can't deal with it I'll let you know. She got it locked in and I was fine and man I was so glad after I finished. Everyone that's ridden it has described it and no one can do it justice. I'm sorry I didn't wait 2 hours 3 days earlier when I didn't have a FP for it to ride it during the day. It would have been worth the 2nd trip though. I would have gone that night a second time though if my 2 guests didn't have to leave and it was very late for them (and us).

You felt the breathing of the Banshee and the drops felt very real, yet it never set off my vertigo issues and I have issues standing next to a building and looking UP, let alone down from the top floor railings. But this felt natural and smooth and yet in some sort of control even though I knew I wasn't in any sort of control. Maybe it was the bars to hold on to that made the difference, IDK and don't care. IT WAS FUN AND WELL WORTH IT! Soarin on steroids. I never much liked Soarin as it was just a lazy gliding over monuments for me. FoP you really felt like you were flying on a banshee in a harness around your legs and back, very much like the pictures depict Nav'i riding a banshee.


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I hope the wait times will be down with SWGE opening this weekend.
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