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Here ya go!


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I would hope so, considering all it is, is a so Soarin clone and a dark water ride, but then again Disney seems to have a problem with getting floating things to work ala ROL still not being ready yet. Maybe they have better luck with floating mountains.

Not sure I would call it a Soarin' clone. The best descriptions I have read are either Soarin' 2.0, or a cross between Soarin' and Star Tours. The fully articulated armature for each row of seats has the potential to deliver a greatly enhanced ride experience. We may joke about "Soarin' Over Pandora" (which would be a great goodness, in itself), but it really promises to be much more thrilling. And if the boat ride really captures the enchantment of the bio-luminescent forest at night, then that will be extraordinary, as well.


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I will never forget where I was today.

If SWL can live up to this standard it will be awesome. Universal has its work cut out for whatever they are planning.

Finally, I have come to believe Iger announced this so early is that he was taking no chance of Universal snagging the project. Only Joe Rhode and Disney could manage this. Mind boggling amazing.


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Nicest video I've seen, you get the best perspective of the mountains floating without actually being underneath them.
Thanks for the find.
Only problem is how to keep those birds off, which is probably an issue with all the mountains.

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