AVATAR Concept Art released


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Lovely concept art.
And yes, I am most eager to read about the ride specifics.
It says they want this to open in 2017. That feels very far away.

The Empress Lilly

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I wouldn't get too carried away by the concept art. You will not really be seated on the back of a banshee flying alone over the Pandora moonscape.

The model is much more revealing:


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Well, excited to see some actual progress and news. I am happy to see that the boat ride seems to be intact, along with the flying-on-a-banshee concept. I think the boat ride -- and all ages, no height restriction, indoors ride -- is a sorely needed addition to DAK.

The nighttime show sounds unique. The live music strikes me as something that will be cut along the way, but the rest of it sounds cool to me. I'm curious as to the timeframe for the evening show -- I'm hoping it would be in the next year or so, especially if we lose the parade and don't get a replacement.


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For a media company, they truly do not get how to handle basic communication.

I get that they have pressured the OLC about a version of Pandora, but, seriously, at the D23 Expo in Anaheim you showcase things like Mystic Manor, which most Americans will never see. And in Tokyo, you show off art that you had two months ago for a WDW project that most Japanese will not see.

Do they even think about these things at all?


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It`s probably the entrance to the Banshee flying thing

That's my thought as well. I remember the leaked plans had the (old) Soarin' type ride sharing a show building with the boat ride, so I wonder if that would continue -- it would probably be easier to connect the two show buildings and cover them together with rock work.

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