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Aunt Polly's is open?


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Photo from Kevin Yee:


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In the Parks
Obviously just for Spring Break but it is good to at least see this location back to being seasonal as opposed to shuttered all the time. Disney seems to be finally acting on the fact that MK has a shortage of dining options and a plethora of locations that could reopen to alleviate the problem.

Nick Pappagiorgio

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We were at TSI last summer and I swear every person on our raft would have easily forked over $20 for a bottle of water. it was so darn hot and there was an issue with the water fountains....it was awful. I wish it were open in the summer as well.

When I was there earlier this month they had Coke machines out there. They are clear on the end, past the window in the photo. Not sure if they keep them on or filled all the time.

EDIT: Actually it is hidden in the crate in that photo.

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