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Any Bets on What Comes After Galaxy's Edge?


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pixar is a giant wing of the disneys hollywood movie business.
But, it's not a "theme."

Inside Out and Cars don't work being side-by-side.

Walt segregated his IP-based attractions into themed 'lands' rather then putting them willy-nilly and calling Disneyland "Disney Studios Theme Park."

DHS has a loose enough theme already being placed in the decades of "Hollywood" and the attractions being standalone "ride the movie" things. It doesn't need to group disparate IP in one place just because one of their many studios created them.


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Wanda and Vision are classic Avengers, so, no.

Right now Doctor Strange and the Guardians (possibly without Drax) are the only MCU characters usable in WDW.

not a movie... yet but I think Shang-Chi as well as The Eternals would be available for WDW.

Regarding upcoming D+ shows, all of Ironheart, Ms Marvel and Kate Bishop (the female Hawkeye) were created after the rights were sold to Uni - could they be used in WDW?

I’ve also always wondered if SHIELD could be used; if not, perhaps SWORD could be - I think something like that would works well as the premise for an Agent P type game in a Marvel area.

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