News Another content creator banned from WDW


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Amazing - something everyone agrees on!

I very much dislike that person and that trend of videos. I've seen people like that harass customers at Home Depot and stuff.
TikTok has really made some people obsessed for likes, follows, and attention which they are sometimes compensated for as well...then they'll do stupid stuff because of it all... unfortunately because sometimes it works. sadly


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This time it is Jack Doherty, who isn't a Disney content creator - just a cringe one. (He was also banned the next day from Universal).

His schtick is that he goes around harassing and annoying people, or creating fake drama. And when people react, his bodyguard gets in the way. He's basically an attention "seeker", a bully, and a coward in one, or to put it simply, he's a professional nuisance at best.

Anywway, the specific reasons he was banned isn't 100% certain (although a peek at his instagram would tell me that it was due to guest complaints and pushing Disney's limits on what they allow content creators to get away with on property), here are the videos of him being banned from the parks.

THESE are the kind of folks that should be trespassed, its irreverent he is a content creator.

I think the trespass of some of the tour guides is wrong.


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Not going to up his view count by clicking on the videos, but this all goes back to my original comment about vloggers.

If their face is in the screenshot, they're not worth watching.

I think the only Disney-centric YouTube videos I have seen are from Disney Food Blog and they never get on camera. They just give the viewers info. But like I said yesterday, let's just ban them all.


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There’s no point to debate those people. Just stick to the “what is going to happen now” and that’s it’s. Those security CMs sound like they've been around the block a few times. Hence why Disney trust them with serious issues.

Good Riddance I say!

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Polaroid film is too expensive to waste it on content creation 🙃

But they are great for “selfies”


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