News Another content creator banned from WDW


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Upvote or downvote it's all still views.
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Here's a video. Potentially NSFW?

Anyway, Disney drama starts at about 3:08 and Universal drama starts at about 6:53.

His girlfriend is ridiculously pretty.

Do the trespasses last forever? Like when she had kids she could petition to have hers removed, right?


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From what I’ve read online they are lifetime, but can be appealed after 1 year.

I hope she’s a very different level of maturity before that happens. And it would be a shame if she grew up and still couldn’t experience Disney like a normal person. Of course, Disney could be wildly different by then, too

He could totally Justin Bieber too. At that age JB was equally annoying and people still dislike him heavily for who he was. But he’s grown up so much, so maybe this kid will too

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I very much dislike that person and that trend of videos. I've seen people like that harass customers at Home Depot and stuff.
I completely agree. What is amazing to me, is that businesses haven't fully cracked down on this type of behavior. Like the home Depot stuff. You get someone arrested for assault because they threw lawn cushions at someone's face. Or jammed a bucket over their head and ran away. This kind of nonsense would stop. I get some of it is staged, but I still wouldn't want the disruption in my business.

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