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News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

Casper Gutman

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Let's not forget this beauty. Honestly one of the prettiest most fun carousels I've seen. We're still upset that they removed it from DCA. It was just a fantastic little ride.

The Caro-Seuss-el at Universal Islands of Adventure is another example of a themed carousel that really in many ways is the centerpiece of that area of the park and a big favorite with visitors. Take those ideas, combine them with the Columbia carousels pictured above and you have an idea of what Disney can do to make it visually stunning, attractive, themed and fit in well- and be something that people will love.

It's amusing though reading some of the comments from those that don't understand that parks need a balance of rides and experiences, to attract people of all types, offer something for everyone, and fit things within certain budgets. If you insist on only blockbusters, or no "spinners" as some are hung up on, then your park will go bankrupt because it doesn't offer a variety and balance.

The blockbusters may draw them in, but it's the little things that keep them coming back over and over again.
Funny, MGM did alright with no flats. So did EPCOT. In fact, many here, myself included, consider no-flat EPCOT a lost masterpiece. And these boards just love AKs flats - ironically, I’m one of the very few I’ve ever seen defend them on here.

This “well, every park needs flats...” is a line that emerged in the wake of the horribly disappointing TSL announcement.


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If they do build a carousel, I say take it for what it is: a quick and strategic addition to a section of the park that for years has had very little for young children to do. It will give kinetic energy to the UK Pavillion, and won't effect its thematic integrity (i.e. Frozen Ever in Norway). It'll be a nice little addition to a park where almost every ride is already a dark ride.


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In the Parks


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My source says this is just one of several concepts they're considering
If it’s the cheapest, it’s green.

Looking at your leaked art, I’d ballpark an $80 million budget on this one. The K, of course, stands for Katie Nanna as Martin hinted when he first vaguely referred to this project in 2004. I love the 80% off theming. That type of sale is the only way Disney will be able to get guests into Epcot in 2020 and I love that attention to detail in the art. Can’t wait for the “MouseGear GOING OUT OF BUSINESS, TOTAL LIQUIDATION, EVERYTHING MUST GO!” sale later this year before Project Chiropractor causes its removal.


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So an attraction based on Walt Disney's crown jewel, a world-wide box office hit and winner of multiple Academy Awards...

...is going to be a merry-go-round. Well, hot spit, isn't THAT exciting.

and the Mouse's reaction: View attachment 349821
It should actually be half a diorama with two limited motion AAs singing two bars of one of its songs as you drive by.
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