News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion


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...which gets some most of its rumours from me. At the moment it’s early Spring 2021.


Epcot: World Showcase: The UK: a simple ride coming to UK, a B or C, several options in contention. 2021 [here] -- make that early Spring of 2021 [here] {updated}



  • EP: Early Spring: some sort of UK Ride {updated}


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This would look great


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Not true. I love it. It's a C ticket and people were expecting a new PotC. It's miles better than Peter Pan or anything in Old Fantasyland besides IASW at MK or DL.

Well I have a different metric...

Did the land cost 750 mil (guesstimate...but a safe one) and take 7 years to build?

...cause it better be better than the land with leds if that's the tale of the tape...

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