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All things Universal Studios Hollywood


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I went to Universal in December... My experience can be summed up by two photos:



It's almost like Universal Creative doesn't think an attraction is complete without a quick splash of water on your face and a screen or two.

Rich T

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USH in the 80's was not worth the admission price. Except for the Battlestar Galactica thing. Screen Test Comedy Theater made Disney's very worst-ever park shows look like Tony award winners.


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I believe there’ll be two large AA dinosaurs locked in a battle over the riders’ heads at one point. An image leaked a while back but I don’t think I have it saved on my phone anymore.

Last Scene before the big drop. Lots of new magic inside the building that is the main lift hill. Since it is inside, a great place to plus with visual magic.


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For a time, accepting it's unreliability, Universal modified the Explorer to teeter precariously at the top of the wall, punctuated by a loud Tyrannosaurus roar. However, that didn't seem to work reliably either.

I'm excited to see what has been done to modernize this ride. I suspect the scene teased in the video is located in the section at the top of the initial small hill, leading the the former Jurassic Park gates. The section following the gates has apparently also been enclosed, which I imagine is to protect animatronics from the elements seeing as that was an issue for the ride. At least, that's my hope for the enclosure.


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Mesosaurus is pretty much confirmed to be a screen then. Not surprised. I was wondering how they were going to do that when they announced she would be a part of the attraction.

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