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Alcohol in the Magic Kingdom


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I can think of an argument. How about 'because nothing says 'keeping it classy' like a horde of fat dumb tattooed slobs getting hammered in a Disney park'.
I've been giving Six Flags my money this year. Six Flags sells booze.at certain restaurants.

I have seen my share of "fat dumb tattooed slobs" at Six Flags...but I have not seen people getting hammered at Six Flags.

Just because these "fat dumb tattooed slobs" can get alcohol doesn't mean they will get hammered.


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Gimme booze!

Love Roseanne's Disney World episode!

I was surprised Skipper Canteen didn't open with alcohol. It was begging for it with their themed drinks.

And isn't it sad how many trees I notice? Doesn't the castle look so much further away with trees in front of it? It's just so much better ... but I digress ...


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I told my mother about this and she had to ask if DHS and DAK served alcohol.

Everyone's experience is of course different but so much this ... I don't notice a major problem aside from F&W and where they literally promote drinking around the world and have for a very long time now.


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Given Disney's propensity for high-priced alcohol, I don't think there will be a general upsurge in drunken loutishness in the MK. In fact I daresay it might mellow out some of the more uptight guests to be able to anesthetize themselves as they enjoy their meals.

Anyway, even today, there's nothing stopping anyone from monorailing over to the CR or GF and slamming down a couple of shots before heading back to the MK for their 7DMT FP+.

Kylo Ken

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Some of you are really funny and could probably use a drink to lighten up ;)

I don't hate this idea at all. I wouldn't mind a nice rum infused drink in AdventureLand or a cold beer in FrontierLand. How about a sci-fi drink with a dumb, glowing cube in TomorrowLand? It's nice to take the edge off.

Beer carts? Not so much. The walk ways are already way too crowded with people and other nonsense.


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So the OP says RESTAURANT cast members are getting alcohol training and suddenly everyone assumes the park will be full of booze? Does everyone on this forum just jump to conclusions?

I don't think you will get open alcohol sales in the MK like you do in AK for a few years. Currently I expect beer and wine at Tony's, Plaza and Liberty Tree (similar to BOG) and maybe a cocktail at Skippers as it fits the theme. But I don't see rum in dole whips or any other alcohol that can be drunk outside of a waited service establishment at this time.


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Like I said, I would hate to see carts or pubs, and I don't really think that would happen. But please-- some of us need a spiked coffee or float to deal with it all ;).

8 days later I still have a huge nasty cut above my ankle from getting rammed with a stroller.. looks like it's going to leave an attractive scar. Days like that a fruity drink would be nice.

I don't see you getting either of those inside the MK park. Currently I expect it to be offered at waited service only.

But also (and I know everyone is different) but even at Epcot, DHS and AK I didn't personally feel the need to buy an alcoholic drink outside of a table service place. Florida is tooo hot for me to want too much booze, the slushy is just as refreshing without alcohol and $7 cheaper!

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