Adding your own magical touch to the holidays


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Aside from a few ornaments on the tree and the Mickey shaped cookies I baked, I don't really have many Disney related holiday decorations so I incorporated my own "Hidden Mickey" into my living room. Can you spot it?

What kind of Disney decorations do you include in your holiday displays?



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I bought 3 strands of Mickey lights and wrapped them on my boys headboard and draped them along my daughters poster bed onenight to surprise them. They love it. I do not think I will be able to remove them, lol. They want them on until I go to bed. My daughter says it reminds her of the Osbourne lights. So cute!


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Our Christms Tree is now 99% Disney and out of that 99%.....95% of it is Mickey Mouse. It has taken me 15 years to collect them all. We also have little things in other places also.


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probably 75 - 80 percent of our tree is disney decorations over the years. the last two years I have decorated the railings on our front porch with hidden mickeys made out of ornamental bulbs but this year the porch is getting a make-over and enclosed. So next year.... I will have 8 windows and the door to decorate and I should have an outlet too!! So that means that I will have to have a tree for the porch and all sorts of disney decorations. I should have perfected my mickey head made from copper and hopefully have it lit with small LED lighting. I am working on a smaller version to put on the RV awning. :)

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