A Terror-rific Spirited 13th (ToT fans have lots to fear)...

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How bothered would you guys be if they changed the WDW tower to a Dr. Strange attraction since it seems like he can possibly appear in Hollywood Studios?

What if ...
1. it was kept to be spooky/scarey somehow?
2. it wasn't kept to be spooky/scarey, but there was supernatural and/or magical stuff as a part of it?
3. it was changed from being a hotel?
4. the exterior kept pretty much the same while remaining a hotel except the name changed ?
5. the exterior was changed greatly, possibly to be one of the three 'Sanctum Sanctorums' from the movie or some other building that isn't a hotel?
1. No
2. No.
3. No
4. No
5. No


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Wait, TWO parks will get new names? I haven't spent too much time here as of recent so I guess I missed more than I thought. Obviously DHS will get a new name, but I didn't know Epcot was getting a new name as well. Will it simply be a return to EPCOT Center, or a more drastic (albeit more accurate) change to something like Disney's Drinkin N Eatin Kingdom?

How about Bob's Bar and Grill home of the worlds largest outdoor bar


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When in doubt, look at the mainstream merchandise, not the lines specifically made for fans. There's a reason the classic WDW logo is now on everything, and a reason that Epcot merch is sporting a new take on its original name. Hollywood Studios will be renamed by 2021.

So WDW really is going to be named Bob Iger World... because whenever Disney starts pushing retro merchsndise whatever they are pushing is not long for this world

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The general public is going to love Guardians Breakout. They've been told they're supposed to. They also loved ToT, even though you'll hear fans here (mostly WDW) claim no one liked it and it was inferior to WDW's version, so who cares etc.

The thing is Tower was a classic. This attraction will never be. The GotG are not going to have that type of staying power (just watch until someone tells me how good the much lousier than the original Guardians 2 is doing at the box office as some sort of justification).

Guardians was the hook for the Marvel Land at DCA. There was always (as far back as the purchase became a thing) the idea that park would see something ... but when Chappie was able to pitch this to The Weatherman, and sell it, the whole Marvel Land sorta grew up around it. ... All having nothing to do with DCA's theme, but, again, that's fine with today's fans who are ignorant of the difference between theme parks and IP/franchise/BRAND parks.

But I do want to state again ... that Marvel plans for WDW have been (likely still are) rethought.
I'm still wondering why they didnt leave the darn tower outer looks in the same way it was. Except the "damaged" part which should the weird looks of the collector's current tower... and put the milano nearby to specify that the guardians got captured and stuff.
Makes more sense than having a giant "supposed" secret tower that says "HEY LOOK AT ME! IM TOTALLY SECRET!"

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Rides and parades and fireworks closing down indeed showed how much nostalgia buys will get you.

In fact, this can become Disney's new income model: Change all the rides and attractions constantly every few years and rake in the sales of going-away-merchandise!

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