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Trip Report A Sweet 16 Weekend! This trip is all about Maddy!

I can’t wait to share our next Disney adventure! This one will start early, as we need to leave for the airport by 2:15 am. Its also special, as Madelyn turns 16 this Sunday.

Both Maddy and Brayden are February babies, so we surprised them for a Disney trip way back in 2011. My have things changed since then.

We will be staying at Coronado for just the second time. We stayed there for Thanksgiving over 10 years ago.

Plan on heading straight to Epcot once we get to the resort tomorrow. We have lunch at Chefs de France for 1. This will be our second time there as well. The hours for the parks have increased since we booked this trip last year. We aren't sure if that's a good or bad thing; however, there really aren't many things that are bad in Disney, right?

Looking forward to sharing our long weekend in what is forecast to be a hot weekend in Florida!


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Enjoyed a session IPA here


Currently enjoying drinks and food here



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First, happy birthday to Maddie! I have a daughter turning 16 in a month and a half, and I know she would have LOVED to go to WDW for her birthday! It's wonderful to see a family who loves to travel together so much. Thanks for sharing.


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Today was a fun day. We began the day thinking we would head to Magic Kingdom after Hollywood Studios, but we decided to come back to the resort and get something to eat (and drink). Went to all three restaurant lounges and each had a unique vibe. I loved the outdoor seating at Three Bridges, and the view from Dahlia was fantastic.

Today was definitely hotter than yesterday, and tomorrow is going to be even hotter! Love the beautiful blue skies and the lack of snow here in central Florida. We've had a pretty tough February back at home, and it's nice to enjoy summer-like weather.

It's been great spending time with Crystal's cousins. We don't see them too often since they live in southern Illinois. I served as the officiant for Austin and Laura's wedding this past October. This is the first time getting to hang out since then. They spent their honeymoon at Disney!

Plan to get up early and head to Magic Kingdom for Maddy's actual birthday. We have a late dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table. Been a long time since we have been there.

Thanks for checking in. Have a great night!


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Austin and I in our matching captain shirts.
When we linked reservations, we both had the Captain Mickey image. I texted Laura that I was already the captain. Austin made these shirts for us. He said he’s the true captain since he has a boat. My response was that I’ve been on a boat.

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