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A Spirited 15 Rounds ...


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It's only 43 minutes into the party, why do you regret it already?
Jam packed people everywhere, I've done the Christmas party, last time was two years ago and it was not like this, I guess my expectations were of less people, making the best of it though, I might have jumped the gun a little


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Yes. He was there in cut-off jean shorts and a white tank top undershirt. Also, black nylon knee-high socks with sandals. And a Minions ***** pack.
Sounds about right for an american exec of his age the 'sandals with socks' is an american fashion statement for men of a certain age...


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So appearantly Bob Iger was spotted at Disneyland Paris today. Does anyone have info on this?
I read clickbait Corless's website. It seems like its related to them having plans of wanting to do Changes to both Disney parks in Paris.

Iger has done this type of stuff in WDW before changes get approved or announced.
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Lets analyze - Rat is coming to Epcot, Rat is in Paris ergo Fitz goes to Paris to look at Rat.
And Bob wanted a baguette...
Considering He was Creative Lead for Paris at the time Rat was designed. He should know it pretty well.


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I hate to be a party pooper, but I only believe six (give or take two) of those will have a chance at happening pre-2021, and the others are just questionable. But there are also a few things that list doesn't cover...
Agreed. I'm wagering any ride completed by 2021 will be based on an awful lot of screens !
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