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OK, so it's late and I'm getting cranky, but there is one thing I've noticed here on these boards that is driving me nuts. I really hate to pick on people and this is totally inconsequential, but...


I've seen "prbly", "prolly", and "proably" all within the last few days. In fact I can't even remember seeing it spelled correctly on the boards, ever. Maybe I'm just getting a little too old and this what our current education standards produce, but it makes me a little sad to see so many young folks misspell simple words like this.

End of Rant. I'm heading for bed now. Good Night.

Wilt Dasney

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"Prbly" and "proably" look like lazy misspellings.

"Prolly" is a different animal, though. I like that one, just because it expresses a more casual or fanciful mood than "probably" connotes. It's more of a colloquialism than a mistake. I'm prolly not alone in thinking that. :lookaroun

Pumbas Nakasak

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I do not like when people use the word loose for lose and lose for loose...

Drives me crazy!..:)

I also am not fond of the prolly and other things like that but I do not let it get to me..I just read on..

EPCOT Explorer

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You used it the right way..if you would have said loosing then it would be wrong..:D
Now if you thought you were using it wrong then I would have to slap you..;)

I used it the wrong way first, and my spell check corrected it!:lol::lookaroun

I re- errored it.:D:wave::lookaroun

*ducks from slap*

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