Trip Report A live solo trip report (Completed)

Ok I’ve never done a trip report before, but tomorrow I’m heading down for 3 nights by myself and I thought it would be fun to do the live report.

WHO: Minthorne (Neal)




WHERE: SSR studio
WHEN: 9/10-9/13

The original plan was traveling with my friend’s family for a week where they were staying in a 2 bedroom at BCV with the in-laws for their daughters 4th birthday. The room was full with the extended family so I was staying at the Swan with my friend’s dad to be close by. We joked we were the bad boys who needed to be separated to not keep everyone awake.

With the state of things Covid wise the big group decided that they would postpone this trip last month. Well, I have an active Gold AP, the flights paid for and cheap on SW, I’m vaccinated, and I was able to find 3 nights on points at SSR which was a big savings over paying for the Swan. So gosh darn, it I’m going alone!

See HEA one last time.
See Ratatouille with my AP preview.

Early flight tomorrow arriving at 9:50am
Friday: Epcot - hop to Mk for HEA
Saturday: HS day. Either stay for fireworks there or hop to MK to get emotional at HEA again. (I can go the distance!)
Sunday: AK day. Hop to Epcot for AP preview of Ratatouille at 7 and then watch Epcot Forever (or for another 2 weeks)
Monday: Leave bags with a bell services. MK in AM and back to room for DME at 2pm

Hope you’ll tag along and keep me company. I’m packing right now knowing…
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I got on star tours,ToT,MF, rotr, and MMRR yesterday then got back to the room at 6:30. Took a nap at 7 and slept til nine so missed Happily ever after. Instead I swam and ate Indian food I brought from home (the microwave pouches) on the balcony. Disney was kind enough to give me a little fireworks from Epcot I could see from there! Just the high ones.



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So. 4 parks in one day. Somehow I finagled the perfect spot. I can go the distance.

I started at AK. Too a bus to Boardwalk then walked to skyliner to Hollywood studios. Had a drink there then back to Epcot for Rat preview then monorail/Ferry for HEA.
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Ok I’ve never done a trip report before, but tomorrow I’m heading down for 3 nights by myself and I thought it would be fun to do the live report.
Thanks so much for posting! Such a great read on a Monday!!
A picture is worth 1000 words so here’s a montage worth a bit. Don’t let the wait time fool you - It’s walk on in Epcot.
View attachment 586129View attachment 586130View attachment 586134
Dying at these crowd levels - what a great time to be in the parks! (Even though it's probably still surface of the sun hot and I'd be melting 10 minutes in! )
anyone looking for a droid?

mmmm ace space hard cider

yes, I told him the falcon popcorn lights up. Took me months at home before I realized…

because everyone needs a club

mines the margarita fan club

cause they are good!

time to resist
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That’s the Droid I’m looking for!

I take pictures of people, not troopers…
View attachment 586378

I had a nice swim and now bed!
I love the photobomber photo too - so fun! I also love the perspective of taking pictures of the people and not the stormtroopers.

Thanks again for sharing your trip!

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