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I don't know that this would "destroy" the secondary market. There will always be people who want seasonal product who cannot get to Florida at the time they are offered. But it would be nicer for those of us who are here at the right time. Including we Floridian AP holders.
It would destroy the secondary market due to supply and demand. Last year there wasnt enough supply to meet demand so they were able to ask outrageous prices. I am fine with resellers and as someone not near the parks I do utilize ebay. But when they can ask 5 times or more what they paid (while I dont blame them), gives you people buying way too many just for the intent to resale, and people who just want one to keep are stuck in 5 hour lines or paying outrageous prices. In my opinion there should never be limited merchandise that leads to scalpers buying tons of merch just to resell. If people want to make a few bucks I am fine with it, but look at what happened when splash merch stopped being made, figment popcorn buckets, some funkos and tiki mugs.

I do think Disney is doing the right thing though with the mobile ordering, and I am kind of impressed that they are doing it. I hope to see this with more limited things, such as funko, tiki mugs etc.


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They have so many Figments, you can purchase them at walk up inside the Odyssey.



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These are genuinely impressive. Do they redo them every day/after storms or is there some sort of protective glaze?

They seem to have some kind of protective finish on them. The 3D one for example, can be walked over to get photos of someone inside the scene.

the 3D art in that area is the only work NOT using chalk. I believe the rain does wash out the chalk art.

here is the latest Nate Baranowski in progress:


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