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2019 Walt Disney Company Meeting of Shareholders


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to be fair people coming into a shareholder's meeting expecting a huge entertaining production are kinda setting themselves up for failure

but it's still boring nonetheless


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5 Shareholder Agenda Items...

1. New board members voting-in.

2. Ratification of Price Waterhouse as their accountants.

3. Advisory vote on exec compensation proposal.

4. Shareholder proposal: Sr. Barbara Jennings... WRT comprehensive report on lobbying expenditures (politicals and industry groups). Disney is a member of trade organizations, and those organizations are into climate denial and anti-employee activities. This porposal doesn't stop lobbying and memberships, but, just to be transparent. Disney Board is against this.

5. Shareholder proposal: St. Janet ??... WRT cyber security and data privacy. These concerns should be considered for all senior executive compensation, not just those execs in charge of cyber. Disney Board is against this.
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