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News 2018 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival


Well-Known Member
Wow, so they are dropping the illusion of any sort of educational aspect now?

It's just F&W with plants?

Not complaining just...


F&W has a bunch of seminars and presentations.

So this would just been Food and Plants.

Clyde Birdbrain

Unknown Member
There isn’t a festival center or any of the seminar/presentations.

I always loved to watch the ‘making of’ videos in the theatre of the festival center. They showed them making the topiaries and everything. The best part is always the time lapse of them setting up the entrance display overnight. It’s a shame if they don’t shown that anymore.

We just picked up our magnets and are sitting down for the 8pm show of Night Ranger. :cool:


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Theee shirts:
1. Crew shirt: F&G logo in front pocket area. OB on back.
2. Crew shirt: Mickey, Pluto, and OB on front
3. Lady’s shirt with him on front

There is also an OB tote. Not exactly something for me. Great option for ladies.

You can get some of these items from www.ShopDisney.com also. (Sorry to report, the tote was available yesterday. It's not showing now.)

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