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News 2018 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival


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We are going in 2020 for our first time in May (usually we go in October), hope that the construction (that hasn't started yet) doesn't cause them to cancel Flower and Garden as we are excited to see it!


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I have the same sentiments as a couple others. This will be our first visit during the festival, and I can think of at least 5-7 other acts I'd rather see than the ones there during our visit. :rolleyes:

Simba's Mom

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Has anyone taken the "Royal Tea Tour"? I thought that was a tour around the Twinings Tea Shoppe, and that there was no extra fee-that it was free.


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The FOTA booths haven’t really appealed to me this year, but the F&G menus sound great! Especially the new honey-inspired one. Roasted cauliflower and honey tandoori chicken flatbread - yum! 😋


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I made one of these for the last F&G I went to; a beer checklist. Since there are so many this year (26), I made a check mark column for both "interested" and "drank." I'll have to order it properly, but here's a draft. Get it? A draft... Print it and get hunting! 👍



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WHY did they get rid of the glazed strawberries in China?! I’ve been waiting all year for them and they seemed like they were one of the more popular dishes :( At least they still have Frushi:/

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