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News 2018 Epcot Flower and Garden Festival


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What are the thoughts on the 2019 dates? Doesn't the Flower and Garden typically start that first full week of March but I'm happy to see it start Feb 28 this year. Could we have another Feb date for 2019?

Well, if it starts on the last Wednesday in February and runs 90 days, then the 2019 dates would be February 27 - May 27, 2019.


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The merch looks great this year, might actually have to buy something at retail. Really hoping this shirt design isn't just for kids though, it looks great.



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The way
Figment looks like Figment again, unlike on the F&W merch.

The way they constantly continue to mine this character at every opportunity, it continues to give me a small glimmer of hope that they'll eventually, someday, do something decent with Imagination.

They have to know, based on attendance to the ride that it's in no way popular and since being gutted from the original, never has been, yet they obviously know this character still resonates with people or they wouldn't keep using him everywhere.

Eventually, something's gotta give, right?
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Since the Wonders of Life isn’t open for the festival is the festival center located somewhere else or did they just not bother with it this year?


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I'm so sick of seeing that hideous dragon on every bit of festival merchandise :mad: At least this year some of the merch is spared from his presence.

They have a nice Mickey/Pluto shirt or an Orange Bird mug. I'm eyeing those too.


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Seriously considering buying something with Orange Bird. The Figment stuff is cute too, but I just love Orange Bird a lot. Decisions, decisions...

Theee shirts:
1. Crew shirt: F&G logo in front pocket area. OB on back.
2. Crew shirt: Mickey, Pluto, and OB on front
3. Lady’s shirt with him on front

There is also an OB tote. Not exactly something for me. Great option for ladies.

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