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News 2018 Epcot Festival of the Arts dates revealed


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I went today and walked away super disappointed. "Festival of the Arts," my ***. They've basically taken their Art of Disney, Pop Gallery, and Wyland Gallery overstock and tossed it into several tents around the lagoon. Jasmine Becket-Griffith, James Coleman, Larry Dotson, Rob Kaz, Thomas Kinkade, all of the usual suspects. Outside of being able to marble your own $89 scarf, there is absolutely nothing at this festival that you can't already see in these stores on any other day of the year.
While I enjoyed the festival, I definitely understand the sentiment. I pointedly said to my wife that this feels like they had an inventory of artwork at Art of Disney and they were trying to get rid of it.
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After attending the Garden, Wine, and Arts festivals, the Arts wins hands down IMO. Perhaps if I had a garden to take care of I'd put Garden first.


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I really enjoyed the Arts festival this year. Bought some artwork and got to meet the artist (Greg McCullough). We didn't do any of the extras or buy a ton of food, but high marks for the paint-your-own cookie.
Greg is fun to talk to! His story about doing a huge commission for one of the families in Golden Oaks was interesting (and very, very expensive). Even though I never cared too much for the Disney Star Wars crossovers, I had to pick up something of his. Then last year I had to pick up diver Goofy. We have some more of his stuff in other parts of our house. Everytime I see him, I know I'm buying something else of his. What did you get? Jason Grandt is another good name to look out for.

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