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News 2018 Epcot Festival of the Arts dates revealed


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The one thing that I noticed with the festival was that while the artwork was neat, most of it was very similar from booth to booth, and it was all rather expensive. I get that these are artists selling their crafts (I do things in photography myself), but nothing was overly appealing/affordable to the point that I'd want to take it home. The one stand that stood out from the rest was the one that was painting the shoes.

Here's a pic from in Epcot during the Festival (Crowds weren't small to say the least):

Oh, this picture just Oooze's with Cheerleader's......A common sight for me in January...


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The constant negativity you always pollute the forum with never ceases to amaze me. But at least you'll be one less Guest at this fantastic festival :D

It's really not all that fantastic, honestly. Overpriced artwork, with little variance between artists, and tents that ruin the real artwork of the World Showcase. Food looked decent, but again, nothing worth spending extra on.


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I enjoyed last year (except the brisk wind that caused all manner of festival food to take off), but i am hoping this event starts to take on more of what we used to have when the artshow was at downtown Disney - especially the funky folk art that always used to sit next to HOB..


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I'm curious to know myself as I'm arriving the day after Pro Bowl on Jan 29th...Also there's a few more Cheerleading Competitons and the Tour Groups are in full swing around that time too...
You should be alright, we were there this year during the Pro Bowl, and the weekend of it was really crowded, that Saturday at Magic Kingdom it was really bad, I think they even extended the hours that day. The week before and then the Monday after, crowds dropped off to normal January/February levels, and The Festival of the Arts at Epcot was fun but didn't seem to have a huge effect on the crowds


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Anyone know if they had a free item for AP's during the first year of the Festival like the glass at F&W or that magnet at DHS? I'm curious to know since I just got my AP once again


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Some merchandise was shown off a few days ago.




The top left button in 2nd photo is free I imagine. The 3rd photo is of pins, which are limited edition. Passholders will get "apparel, drinkware, and a limited edition pin", with the drinkware being that Tervis mug.

Anyone know if they had a free item for AP's during the first year of the Festival like the glass at F&W or that magnet at DHS? I'm curious to know since I just got my AP once again
Nothing free from what I remember.


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I guess I am falling into the camp that is not necessarily thrilled Epcot is now doing year round Food and Wine Festivals... (but disguising it as something else when it is not the Food & Wine Festival from the fall)
A ploy to get people to consume/purchase more in parks... but I wonder if the Table Service restaurants will suffer because of this?


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That one former part of CommuniCore by Club Cool has an exhibit up already for the festival. The concept is it's made up of art made by 4 to 17 year olds from the Crealdé School of Art, a non-profit art school/workshop type thing in Winter Park. There's some legitimately impressive stuff there, although the cubicles aren't really a great look. Could've just used The Odyssey for this if they wanted.



Also yes, the "Tomorrow" part is peeling off after less than a day of being up. It's the same on the other side. They also put a screen-printing machine in the same area. It looks like you'll be able to get some pre-made t-shirt designs on demand.

TJ Vazquez

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In the Parks
With the beer prices hovering around $4.00 this year (which seems much lower than past years), what size are they serving? 12 oz or 8 oz even?

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