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    Disneyland To Open Sept. 16th? I reading something wrong with regards to this statement or miss the sarcasm? There is an “immunity test” (it’s called an “antibody test”) that indicates if your body possesses COVID-19 antibodies, which means your immune system has the ability to battle the virus. Please tell me this...
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    Disney just a started a virtual tour of the headquarters of Walt Disney Imagineering

    Great find! Thanks for sharing! Quick question: how did you find Part 2 on the Disney Parks YouTube page?I don’t know if I’m dense or what!? After viewing part one, I clicked on the Disney Parks heading to go to their YouTube page. I didn’t see Part 2 in the featured or recent. I clicked on...
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    Pre-Trip "Hallelujah! Holy ****! Where's the Tylenol?"

    "Where do you think you're gonna put a Trip Report that big, Puddin?"
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    Trip Report I See You, Figment

    Oh wow - glad to hear all was well! Being a logical-minded person, I feel like it should be no problem to ride it now, although I really would like to know more about what went wrong. :bored:
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    Trip Report I See You, Figment

    Photos or it didn't happen! J/K! :p Very "efficient" trip report! Glad to hear you made it through a Skyliner experience and enjoyed it! Was this after the incident?
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    Help me plan a one day visit to the DLR

    Enjoy! I'm excited to hear how it all plays out! Looking forward to our trip out there, departing exactly four weeks from tomorrow morning!
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    DCA Closing at 5pm on 11/21/2019??

    Thanks for the info!
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    DCA Closing at 5pm on 11/21/2019??

    Hi All, We're taking a long weekend at DLR in late Nov. and the times are starting to come out for our dates. Does anyone have any insight into why DCA is closing at 5pm on 11/21? It's open until anywhere from 8pm to 11pm the rest of that week. My first thought is corporate event or something...
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    Someone left a door open on Space Mountain

    I guess we're less than 12 hours away from 4/20, so maybe somebody's pre-gaming?? :bored:
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    Some questions for those familiar with DLR...

    The others above covered all the important points (esp. @BubbaQuest !) but I will echo the fact that it is not a bad walk from any of these areas. I stayed at each of: *Springhill Suites (at Ball and Walnut - upper left of the map above); Less traveled walk that borders a residential area...
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    Trip Report **COMPLETED** The trip that almost didn't happen (thanks to Baltimore)

    Hey! I love your TR’s, detail and all the fun you put into them! Just coming to the defense (?) of Boardwalk as a passionate DVC owner there: As far as the “quick service”, Boardwalk has the Belle Vue Lounge (on the Inn side) which, admittedly offers a limited selection of coffee, made to order...
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    World Of Color Refurbishment

    This is great news (with a few grains of salt, of course)! Crossing fingers!
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    World Of Color Refurbishment

    While I don’t doubt your philosophy one bit, I do wonder why we haven’t seen recovery/reconstruction efforts of equal proportion to the extent of the damage that apparently exists. For example, why hasn’t the lagoon been drained with heavy equipment in there and heavy repair work at SOME point...
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    15 years ago in Disneyland History... Well, kinda, sort-a

    Congrats Darkbeer1! I’m an on-again/off-again forum follower and was unaware of your health close call. Congrats to both of you for your achievements individually and as a couple! It sounds like you are poised to enjoy those many more decades together enjoying your passions! Cheers!
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    World Of Color Refurbishment

    For the number of insiders here with good info and, heck, even partially true rumors, I can’t believe that we don’t have ANY concrete info on what the heck is happening with WoC?!?! It has been down for a LONG time now which is absolutely crazy for what was a nightly/twice nightly entertainment...
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