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  • Hi Steve,
    Could you please delete the profile "Kevin Hinman" and all threads as I was having a Dumb Moment and signed up with my own name ... I know... stupid is as stupid does! I didn't see a "delete thread" option anywhere. I did however find a post in the help forum with a link to here for making a delete request.

    Thank you... sry for the trouble...

    I've reposted under my new profile already
    Hi Steve - can you tell me where I can find out how long I have paid my premium subscription until? I have a new card and didn't know if I was on auto renew or not. I want to continue to support my favorite site! <3
    Thanks for the insight. I still have my tail between my legs and feel like I was sent to the principal's office- lesson learned, rookie mistake, sorry!
    Greetings - Thank you for providing such a great experience for us Disney fanatics!

    I was hoping to change my screen name if that was possible. I have been away for a while, and I no longer use this screen name anywhere else. Thank you again!
    Steve - I'm considering purchasing the xenforo software for my use for an internal project, I'd like to be able to make the forum as private as possible to the outside world - is this possible? Thanks.
    I'm being stalked by a few members who keep trying to identify me as a person in real life to cause some harm to me. Is there a way you can stop them? I don't know how to get a message to you. Can you please contact me about this? I have flagged the messages where they have been attacking me with the "Report This" function but the messages are still there.
    Finally, I admit to violating some of the rules of the forum in response to a vicious attack left in my private messages. There is no need to take action against me as I would never leave such a post in a forum or to someone that hadn't attacked me in my private message no less. The irony is I logged in to announce my self-imposed sabbatical and found even more reason to leave.
    Additionally, you have made these forums less useful to other users; this is not only my opinion, but a contention backed by my many tidbits that regularly receive likes and thank you’s. I have enjoyed both sharing my knowledge and learning from others, but those who only use these forums to abuse people have driven me away.
    I hope you are happy. Your asinine anti-social behaviour has forced me to leave these forums, at least for the time being. I am saddened because I enjoy learning and discussing everything Disney, but you, and the others like you, have taken that away from me.
    I just wanted to let you know that I have decided to leave your forum for a while. I do not need this stupidity. I may return at some point, but I do not need the idiots that just want to start trouble abusing me via internet. For reference I have included in the following posts a message I posted to a couple of your worst offenders plus a personal message for each.
    I simply stated his post, and not even the post but the underlying analogy, was pointless. I was then personally attacked with an implication I had brain damage.

    The difference is clear and people on here cross that line all the time. More so than on any other chat forum in which I have participated.
    You need to have some sort of class on the difference between responding to a post and attacking a poster. I know I can be acerbic, I have little tolerance for fools, but as you read that thread I did not make any comment reguarding the poster himself. -Continued-
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