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  • Here's a super petty request...I hate that when I signed up I used all CAPS on my user name. Can you change it to JennSmith? Sorry!!!
    I would like my account deleted, and I would like my thread pulled from parks general discussions. Is there a long turn around on these requests? I do not enjoy being bullied by posters. Thanks.
    Please remove me from WDWmagic. People like Captain America ruin it for myself and others. Not worth it.
    I don't know where to post this...what is the posting etiquette ? I posted what I thought was a joke, I put the smilie face with the wink...thought that meant a joke....someone said the poster's were vicious. Quoting me. Did I make a mistake? I'm not up on all the new signage...may be my mistake...I'm still learning...
    Hollywood Studios had animation area. A day in the life of a Disney animator. Their stories, their personalities, their uniqueness. How much is hand drawn or colored? Conceptual artists? Would like a Museum at one of WDW parks about family of Disneys. Keeping the legacy alive in people's minds. Memorabilia. Letters, Personal items. ( Similar to one about Lucille Ball at Universal Studios.)
    I was on the DIS forums and read a comment that Josh may be discontinuing the WDWmagic cite. I am not sure whether this is true; but, whether it is or not, I wanted to let Josh know how thankful I am to him and those of you who assist him in running this cite. It has been so helpful over the years. It must take a great deal of time and effort to provide all that is offered on this cite.

    Thank you,

    Judey yudkin
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    I think you have the wrong site. We don't have a Josh here, and WDWMAGIC isn't going anywhere. :)
    Hi, I'd like to have my account deleted please. Can I have the instructions on how to do so?

    Thank you
    Hi I'd like to delete my account. I have some humor that some on this site do not find appropriate and I haven't been impressed with the overall tone of most of the forums. I have a lot of respect for this Disney as well as the news reporting of this site and don't want to be a constant nag on this online community that has been here before me.
    I repeat: Am I allowed to say anything at ALL? Is anyone allowed to express an opinion in opposition to -one- private poster?
    Okay, second time, and I have to ask: WHAT POST CAN I MAKE, to say A) "We're flying off the handle", or B) "Where's the proof, now that you backed down on your earlier tabloid headline?" Are we accepting the group belief that ANYTHING I say to pheneix is now his cry of "Personal attack"?
    What am I allowed to say in rebuttal opinion, just so I know?
    I just wanted to know why post was removed so I know in future? Was it the link? I asked in a new thread that had no link why and that was removed also. so i am asking here
    So, like I said with my other account, could you change the user name of this account for CaroMM, so my user name will not be my real name, Please.

    Thank you!!
    Hi, I Created this account by mistake. Could you close it or tell me how to close it by myself.
    The reason I created this account, I thought I was changing my user name. I will send you an other request from my real account to change the user name.
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