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  • Kawaii-Chan
    Groot is an alien known by the Kree as a Floral Colossus. He originated from "Planet X" and it was thought that his species had been extinct. Groot was first seen when he landed on Earth with his space-ship and threatened humanity as one of the Marvel Monsters in the Marvel Age of Monsters.
    Not sure if anyone noticed, but on the Dec. 2017 calendar Disney changed the evening EMH for Epcot for Tues. the 19th - it's now on Sun. the 17th. They also moved the Hollywood Studios morning EMH from Sun. the 17th to Tues. the 19th. So, they switched these two that week, but no other for some reason - and when I caught it I had to change my plans. Can the calendar be updated?
    We've used up our advanced reservation three fast passes for the day for our morning park. Is it easy to get fast passes for another park for later in the afternoon, that day? I only ask because you can only do three advanced fast passes a day for your trip.
    Can we start a folder for Epcot renovations? Like we have for Studios, Springs and Pandora. I think that would make it look much better.
    Can we start a What are you most excited about from D23 EXPO 2017 thread in the General Discussion section?
    Hey, I didn't know how to PM you but there is a poster in the Hall of Presidents thread that is threatening legal action against me because of my profile pic? I'm not concerned over the threat its the fact he won't leave me alone over pointing out political talk isn't allowed.
    Thanks, Steve, for the extra Christmas magic at the top of the web page. Seriously my favorite web holiday magic! Appreciate the attention to detail!
    Wanted to check with you first. Am I allowed to post a thread about a press penny app that I co-developed? It is an unofficial wdw penny app not affiliated with Disney. Was thinking thread would go in general or maybe gadgets area?

    I will not post until I hear back from you though. I sent in an email earlier on this but have not heard back on it in the past several weeks.

    Thanks in advance,
    I have read the most unforgiving and spiteful comments here from MOST. I'm 53 years old and been married 33 years. We have 3 children and not ONCE have we EVER wanted to visit WDW. Never have, never will. Have fun judging someone you don't know.
    I need my user name changed please. Not sure why it's my name. Couldn't figure out how to private message. Thanks
    Hey, I don't have the box to type responses to threads. I tried to send you a message, but I didn't have box there either. Can you help please? thanks
    I just made a thread about the gator incident, and as I now see, someone already posted it. Can you please get rid of mine? Thank you.
    Hey Mr will you please change my username i have it on the tread thanks in advance
    Hey Mr. Moderator(whatever your name may be): I posted a poll on 4/18/16 @ 904am I would like to request its removal because I don't want others to be making posts that seem like they are attacking me for not wording the poll the right way or explaining it more thoroughly. I just don't want to cause any riff on the board for something I did by not wording or explaining thoroughly. Please delete!?
    ... I then used one of my accounts to set her site account up so I could get the verification and get it up and running for her. But now I would like to get her email onto the account . If you need any info contact me! Thanks for a great site!
    Changing email...here is what I did...I wanted my travel partner on site as well...so I used her email to sign her up. When it said she had to verify her email, she said there was no email from site. I had the verification resent to her email, but again no email!?
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