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    Haven't been to Disney World in 365 days

    Same for us. First time since 2009. First we had our April trip cancelled and then a large family trip for end of July cancelled. Rebooked for next July, so hoping some normalcy returns, but find myself missing it everyday.
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    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    Hoping things will be back open for our trip the last week of July. If not we probably won’t be able to go back until next summer.
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    Which Disney hotel has the best water park?

    For me, Stormalong Bay is hands down the best pool. It comes down to size. I love to go in the pool to swim with the kids and just relax. This is the only deluxe pool that has the “room” for me as an adult to really enjoy the pool. I enjoy all the different areas, and like that the lazy...
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    Stormalong Bay

    This pool is one one of our (my) favorite things to do at Disney. It is a very large pool area, and you definitely want to keep an eye on the little ones if they are not strong swimmers. That said, as long as you come prepared you can still really enjoy it. For one thing, there is an entire...
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    Resort Arcades, is it time for them to go?

    My kids always go to the arcade at the Beach Club. They usually get an ice cream from the Beaches and Cream take-out and then head in there to play air hockey. They may play one or two other things, but the air hockey provdes both "competition" and a way to relax in the evenings after long...
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    Best restaurant for 21st Birthday?

    I have a bunch of picky eaters in my family, but most of the signature restaurants will make a good steak. For atmosphere I don't think you can beat the California Grill overlooking the Magic Kingdom. To some extent the same goes for Narcossee's at the Grand Floridian. You can sit by the...
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    Poly or Grand Floridian?

    I agree with this! To be honest, deciding between the Poly and Beach Club is always a tough one for us. In the end, the pool always puts the Beach Club over the top. We like the food there better as well, but the Poly has the easy access to MK and the fireworks and Electric Water Pageant from...
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    Holding your hands up in the air on Space Mountain

    Wile I have never really held my hands up on the main part of the ride, I can honestly say I never thought I was anywhere near the beams. That said, I did put my hands up in the tunnel once and as other have said, I definitely got a shock. So now, that is the pace I cower in my seat.
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    Best Places for Breakfast and Dinner?

    Our (especially the kids) favorite breakfasts have always been Crystal Palace and Tusker House. Dinner can be a little more tricky, but we have always enjoyed Narcossee's, California Grill, and Yachtsmen Steakhouse. For something a little less expensive I think I would go with Yak and Yeti and...
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    Can anybody confirm the legitimacy of this rumor?

    We were there on 8/10 and they were definitely signing autographs if asked. That said, we missed Pooh by one table when we were seated and it took 1 1/2 hours for him to get back (a little too long for breakfast). We actually saw Piglet 2X in that period, so they clearly mixed up something in...
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    Never Been There

    MK - Tiki Birds EP - All WS Films and Mission Space:Orange (have done Green) HS - Frozen Sing a long (Have Boys), Jedi Training (Boys not interested), Music of Pixar Live AK - Rafiki Planet Watch/Conservation Station Outside Parks - Hoop Dee Doo
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    How Many Days for You? Part 12

    14 Days...2 Weeks and I can finally relax in my favorite vacation spot.
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    Citricos or Narcoosee's?

    Narcossee's. Ever time we go its been a great we keep going back.
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    How should I tell him we are going to the Grand Floridian?

    Depending upon when and how you arrive, one thing you can do is set up a lunch reservation. You then tell him you are going to have lunch at GF before you "check in" at your moderate. Then he won't be surprised you are going there, while also wanting to stay even more. Then you surprise him...
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    Tusker House Rivers of light dining package?

    I was able to book Breakfast on Aug 6th, so August has opened up a little.
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