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  1. TurboCaroline

    News New Gondola Transportation - Disney Skyliner - Every Possible What If ....? Has Been Discussed.

    It sure is. I rode this back in 1996 when I visited Switzerland. They changed the cars from having a see-thru bottom though...
  2. TurboCaroline

    Chase credit card

    I love my card. I've had one for 14 years. As long as you pay it off every month (like any card) then you won't pay high interest. I have the Premier card so I get 2% back in Disney dollars at restaurants, gas stations and grocery stores. 1% everywhere else. Over the years I've used thousands of...
  3. TurboCaroline

    People who drive to WDW, how do you choose to get to the parks?

    I always use Disney transportation though on our last trip a year ago the bus service was very slow. Standing in line we second guessed ourselves numerous times. Would it have been faster to actually drive to the park, get on the tram..etc. I really don't know.
  4. TurboCaroline

    Different style rooms

    I stayed at an All Star Music Family Suite last Thanksgiving week. My husband and I got the bedroom, my 15 year old step-son got the pull out sofa and my 7 year old son got the pull out chair sleeper. It worked great for us. The Kitchenette and 2 bathrooms came in very handy. We paid $313/night.
  5. TurboCaroline

    Trip Report The Never-Ending Summer Of Disney *COMPLETED*

    Is it possible that they are from another country where something like that is normal? :bored:
  6. TurboCaroline

    Resort Parking Charges

    Sorry but I have to correct you...a parking space is 9'X18'. I do agree with everything else you said though.. :)
  7. TurboCaroline

    Walke Talkies

    For me texting is almost useless in the parks. I get horrible service...My husband has At&t and has great service...CSpire on the other hand is garbage...:mad: So I wouldn't mind using a walkie talkie...:cautious:
  8. TurboCaroline

    discounted tickets through Farm Bureau

    I never changed the original package. I didn't feel like messing with it. lol I'll probably use the discount at some point in the future though...
  9. TurboCaroline

    Service Dogs

    Why would someone want to bring their dog into the parks by claiming they are a service dog? I can imagine it would be a complete hassle. The entire group couldn't all ride together...etc. Are they trying to avoid boarding the dog perhaps?
  10. TurboCaroline

    What were crowd levels like last Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (November 7-9)?

    Go to Touringplans.com. They give you historical data for crowd sizes.
  11. TurboCaroline

    mobile ordering question

    The redemption card has a 16 digit number and expiration date just like a credit card. I guess all I can do is give it a try when I'm there in a month.
  12. TurboCaroline

    mobile ordering question

    Will I be able to use my Disney Visa redemption card when I use mobile ordering? I see that anyone with a DDP or gift card can't use it but the redemption card isn't a gift card. Anyone tried it yet?
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