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  1. totaldisneygirl

    New sign on It's a Small World?

    Was in the world this week and noticed this sign on one of the windows of Pinocchio's Village Haus while riding It's a Small World! What's this about? It says "Do the YMCA"
  2. totaldisneygirl

    Anyone Not Want Online Check-In?

    It definitely takes away from the experience if you don't frequent Disney World...I just went and did online check in and it was super convenient for me because I know my way around, however I did oddly miss talking to the CMs at the check-in counter
  3. totaldisneygirl

    No Monorails

    This happened to us on Thursday at around 4:30 as well! They said it had been happening a lot lately and to email guest services and let them know about our experience...I was staying on the resort loop so I easily could have taken a boat, but the monorails are way more convenient than the boats!!
  4. totaldisneygirl

    Anyone want to speculate about Tropical Storm Emily?

    Anyone reconsidering their trip? I'm going out Wednesday - Friday and don't want to get a bunch of rainy days at the parks
  5. totaldisneygirl

    TS Emily at WDW

    Do we think the rain will carry into the rest of the week? I'm heading to Orlando Wednesday - Friday...hopefully...
  6. totaldisneygirl

    No Resort Availability in March?

    Hiya Gang! I'm trying to plan a trip from 3/13-3/15 and there is very limited availability for all resorts - even under the Florida Resident Rate. Is this just because of Spring Break, or is there something else going on?
  7. totaldisneygirl

    WDW Spring Break Trip!!

    Hiya Everyone! My friends and I are thinking of going to Disney for Spring Break! We'd probably go Wednesday through Sunday of our break in March and are Seniors in College. I am from Florida and have been to Disney more times than I can count, but my other friends have only been one time and...
  8. totaldisneygirl

    Christmas Decorations in Magic Kingdom

    Looks like they're still up today too! However, the park closes at 8 tonight which leaves plenty of time overnight for them to take them all down.
  9. totaldisneygirl

    Christmas Decorations in Magic Kingdom

    Interesting! Both the general agent line and the resort guest services line told me all the decs were down. I just wanted to see the big tree and wreaths (Jingle cruise would be nice too)! I live in Florida and wanted to drive up for the day on Wednesday but was hoping the decs would still be...
  10. totaldisneygirl

    Christmas Decorations in Magic Kingdom

    Hey howdy hey! I read on one of the news posts on the homepage of WDW Magic that's the Christmas decorations at MK would be up through 1/11/2017. However, I called to confirm and Disney said they had been taken down on 1/3. Can anyone confirm if ANY decorations are still up?? Thanks!
  11. totaldisneygirl

    Fastpass day before we go...

    I literally booked my hotel and bought my tickets the day before I went and the only thing I couldn't get a fastpass for is SDMT. However, I went last week in the middle of the week so it wasn't a crazy time of year.
  12. totaldisneygirl

    Clock Radios

    I just got back from The World today and there are literally no clocks in the room (aside from the TV) which is a bit annoying. I was in the Garden Wing of the Contemporary and it was slightly aggravating to have to check my phone when I wanted to know what time it was in the middle of the...
  13. totaldisneygirl

    All Star Sports

    I can honestly say I have never found a Walt Disney World Resort dirty! The resort is very basic as most people have said but provides anything you may need throughout your stay. You all will enjoy the time on property!
  14. totaldisneygirl

    Beach club or Poly for first time deluxe

    I'm all about the MK resort area and so my vote goes to Poly! I love the monorail and the ease of travel to and from MK and Epcot. Plus, you can watch wishes on the little beach with the music piped in every night. You also have access to tons of restaurants on the monorail loops which are all...
  15. totaldisneygirl

    Resort with 3 beds.

    Howdy! I stayed at All-Star Music once with 5 friends and we had three beds...we paid for a regular room but then were upgraded to a suite. We had one queen (I believe) bed and then a pull out couch and another little pullout bed that was made when you folded open the ottoman in the living room...
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