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  1. TheDisneyMagic

    News Test Track Closing for Refurbishment January 2020

    Keep in mind, the time you spend designing your car would otherwise be spent waiting in a queue. Its not like you walk out of the design studio and immediately board a vehicle.
  2. TheDisneyMagic

    News Catherine Powell's position eliminated

    I remember when she first took over at DLP, she had been doing her "fan" research as she was a listener to DLP Podcasts and even done an interview with one of them where she referenced many things they had discussed on their show over the years.
  3. TheDisneyMagic

    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    I think they have have fixed that door issue, witnessed it a at the start of the week. Rode again two days ago and yesterday a few times and it no longer occured. All references to Siemans are now gone from the monitors but audio references during ascent and descent remain.
  4. TheDisneyMagic

    New MK welcome show debuts Jan. 9th

    Haha, Resort Monorail line still mentions seven lands as well as you approach the Magic Kingdom, Express line correctly states six. Funny how they missed that as they only re-recorded all of the Spiels a year or two ago.
  5. TheDisneyMagic

    No Foreigners Wanted ... at SDL?!

    We have, the intention was to book the entire trip in Shanghai Disneyland Hotel but the website wouldn't allow me to select anything other than a single day in there. Phoning them once the reservations centre kept resulting in dropped calls so we settled with what we could get and not risking...
  6. TheDisneyMagic

    No Foreigners Wanted ... at SDL?!

    Hotel booked now, first night in Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and the remainder of the time in Toy Story Hotel. Can't wait now!
  7. Shanghai Ticket

    Shanghai Ticket

    Removed the barcode
  8. Shanghai Disneyland Resort

    Shanghai Disneyland Resort

  9. TheDisneyMagic

    No Foreigners Wanted ... at SDL?!

    Well I have just booked ours, Internet Explorer was the only browser that would work, Firefox, Edge and Chrome all had issues ranging from selecting only a single ticket in the basket even though I clicked two, to getting stuck on the payment page. We have bought tickets for 16th - 19th. You...
  10. TheDisneyMagic

    Silver Turrets?

    Very likely to be an undercoat of paint that will be painted over.
  11. TheDisneyMagic

    Gran Fiesta Tour - New Animatronics

    Great work Walt Disney World, great to see these back in Florida and lovely for this ride to get some attention.
  12. TheDisneyMagic

    Walt's office gone from DHS

    The footage was actually changed as well when they switched narrators, in the original version Michael Eisner was seen in person at the Studio. When Julie Andrews took over it become a voice over only.
  13. TheDisneyMagic

    TCM teams up with Disney to refresh Great Movie Ride

    From the videos it looks like a nice update, I will miss the arrangement of music from the last version but that's nothing we don't all have access to on our Computers. The changes are fresh and welcomed.
  14. TheDisneyMagic

    When 'My Disney Experience' app coming to Windows Phone?

    Fingers crossed the new Universal Apps model will take off and then it suddenly opens up millions of potential customers. Helps that 7 and 8(.1) will get upgraded for free.
  15. TheDisneyMagic

    Monorail Update January 2015

    There are a couple of pictures on this persons Twitter. https://twitter.com/onthegoinmco/status/571061632257945601
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