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  1. StingraySam

    Soarin' Over Cali returns to DCA...why not us??

    How about create a whole new set of films with variable scenes or flights like Star Tours?
  2. StingraySam

    Harbinger of the Apocalypse Day 1 No wagons and smoke

    Unfortunately there are many that do not understand this concept and those that do not know how to differentiate the two.
  3. StingraySam

    Harbinger of the Apocalypse Day 1 No wagons and smoke

    The way I see it is there should have been a zero tolerance policy with clearly defined consequences all along. When we had the designate areas and someone was found smoking or vaping outside of that area they should have been ask to stop what they were doing and move to the designated area if...
  4. StingraySam


    Lets settle the scooter issue this way. Lets all ride scooters!
  5. StingraySam

    Smoking areas GONE starting may 1st Pinned so people can still see the announcement.

    Sorry I haven't read all 56 pages so maybe this has already been brought up but wouldn't be easier to just ban smoking on all of Disney property?
  6. StingraySam

    Worth it to pay for Express pass or to stay in participating resort?

    I am with the "stay at the Premier Resort and get the Express Pass" group. As others have stated already, depending upon how many are in your group the cost of a Premier Hotel can be signifigantly less than staying elsewhere and purchasing an Express Pass. If waiting in line or using the Single...
  7. StingraySam

    HRH pool ??s

    Hard Rock, my favorite of the Premier hotels! Though you may or may not need the Express Passes during that time of the year, having them will get you through the parks faster and give you more hotel time (at least that's how I look at it).
  8. StingraySam

    Disney vet going to Universal Orlando needs advice!

    Universal Studios Florida Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit Men in Black: Alien Attack Revenge of the Mummy Transformers: The Ride Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts (this single rider line has been not in use at times for us) Islands of Adventure The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man Doctor...
  9. StingraySam

    Disney vet going to Universal Orlando needs advice!

    I have seen this site www.taxifarefinder.com but not sure how accurate it is. Would be interested if others have used it.
  10. StingraySam

    Room Rates at USO hotels and a Q about EP?

    I agree with the others so far, look into an annual pass even if it just for one of you. There are many discounts that will open up to you. I have found that the Universal Resorts do not post any discounted rates much further out than 6 months. You can make your reservations now if you would...
  11. StingraySam

    Advice for HHN

    Typically I would suggest to stay at Royal Pacific and take advantage of the Express Passes but mid-week in October for 3.5 days should be enough time to do both parks without much stress of not being able to do everything you want to do without an Express Pass for the day portion of your trip...
  12. StingraySam

    1st trip. Help please!

    I myself would go for the Express Passes and I am a big Cabana Bay fan. Late June crowds can be finicky. The luxury of the Express Passes is such a relief. A few things to consider though. How many are in your party? More than 4 and you will have to pay $25 extra per night at the other 3 hotels...
  13. StingraySam

    Ti[ps needed for planning a Universal day

    To avoid Halloween Horror Nights you would have to go on a Monday or Tuesday. On Halloween Horror Nights Studios Closes at 5 pm and Islands of Adventure closes at 8 pm On Non-Halloween Horror Nights Studios Closes at 8 pm and Islands of Adventure closes at 7 pm As always park hours are subject...
  14. StingraySam

    Ti[ps needed for planning a Universal day

    If you are going for only one day then get there as early as possilble, I know it probably doesn't really need to be said but I am always amazed at those who said they couldn't get much done in one day then reveal they didn't get to the park until noon. In order for you to do as much as possible...
  15. StingraySam

    Best place to buy while in Orlando

    You can purchase them online from Universal Studios website. If you'll have access to a printer then you can print them out. Also you can just pick up at a kiosk out in front of parks with the same credit card you used to purchase with online.
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