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  1. SpongeScott

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    I'm in for the Goofy. After four half-mararthons, one half-relay, and one full, I guess the Goofy is the last hill for me to conquer on the January runs. I plan to walk/run the half with my wife and some friends and then plod my way through the full.
  2. SpongeScott

    Baseball Question For Florida Residents

    I live in the Tampa Bay area, so I am a proud Rays fan. Obviously, baseball struggles here and no one can pin it on any one major reason. There are not a lot of natives here, so we get a lot of transplants from other areas of the country that keep their sports allegiances, so both Florida...
  3. SpongeScott

    Should Disney make a Phineas & Ferb attraction in HWS?

    :lol: Love your reasoning for the edit! Luv ya, Reg!
  4. SpongeScott

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    One other pre-race note. When they start making calls to head to the corrals, move sooner than later. Last year I left around 5:00 and it was shoulder-to-shoulder people on Saturday morning going through the backstage area, barely moving. If you are claustrophobic, it could become unnerving. It...
  5. SpongeScott

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    First dibs on doing the Chip & Dale with you in 2013.
  6. SpongeScott

    Am I the only one running the Marathon Chip/Dale relay?

    Also doing the relay, second half. Doing the half on Saturday....that's close enough to a Goofy for me.
  7. SpongeScott

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    Half on Saturday, relay on Sunday.
  8. SpongeScott

    some one tell me about an underground resort..

    :sohappy: Thank you....a voice of reason.
  9. SpongeScott

    Please do me a favor..CMT's Next Superstar!..:D

    Excellent, Dana....thank you! Please, please, please vote for Steven.
  10. SpongeScott

    Happy Birthday to my favorite Hooker

    Hahahaha! Once a Hooker, always a Hooker.
  11. SpongeScott

    Hahahaha! It's my name.

    Hahahaha! It's my name.
  12. SpongeScott

    SURVIVOR - Redemption Island

    No, but he did a great job of proving his point. BEST tribal council ever....Jeff's expressions were worth the price of admission. If the first episode is any indication, we're in for a great season.
  13. SpongeScott

    The Brickers' Holi-Disney Christmas Vacation 2010 Report (D23 Event, Reunion, etc!)

    AMAZING photos! Psst.....not all 40/50 something people get up at 4:00 and crash at 7:00. Give some of us a little credit for making it later into the night. :animwink:
  14. SpongeScott

    Marathon weekend- report your times here

    I'll let you cross the finish line first. :lol:
  15. SpongeScott

    Marathon weekend- report your times here

    Come on, you've got way too many Donald medals in your trophy case. Time to get a Mickey. We could pace each other.
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