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  1. SpectroPhoenix

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    Out of curiosity, what did MaxPass do to the standby lines at Disneyland? There's always been the ongoing debate whether or not FastPass helped or hurt the standby lines. COVID removed FastPass giving us a better idea of how that would look, albeit with less than full capacity at the parks...
  2. SpectroPhoenix

    How to: Need to change your username?

    Please change my name to SpectroPhoenix Thank you!
  3. SpectroPhoenix

    Avengers Half Marathon Weekend

    Thanks for the help! I guess I missed the part about the bag check.
  4. SpectroPhoenix


    Hey everyone! I hope this doesn't look like me trying to hijack TXDisney's thread, but I was looking for some advice that might help both of us. My friends and I have been to MVMCP three or four times before and we always have a blast. We took last year off, but we’re going to be there for the...
  5. SpectroPhoenix

    Avengers Half Marathon Weekend

    Hey everyone, the Avengers Half is going to be my first DL race and I’m not sure what to expect. I’ve read a few comparisons online to get an idea and they all mention that the pre-race process is a lot less stressful. I have a hotel room at the Ramada, which is about a 20 minute walk South of...
  6. SpectroPhoenix

    Disneyland races on hiatus beginning in 2018

    Somewhat related, but there's a really interesting AMA over on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/rundisney/comments/77f1np/hello_rrundisney_my_name_is_brandon_hough_and_i/?sort=new&sh=541d8d4f&st=J8YO28DO
  7. SpectroPhoenix

    Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend - The Dark Side

    Thanks for the update! When I checked last night, a couple Weather apps were listing AM Thunderstorms. I'm liking the latest update significantly better!
  8. SpectroPhoenix

    Star Wars Half Marathon Weekend - The Dark Side

    Thunderstorms in the forecast for Sunday morning... This can't be happening again...
  9. SpectroPhoenix

    Characters in Disney Springs

    Open the House of Mouse based on the old TV show. Have classic Disney shorts playing all day and make it a character meal. Do it Disney
  10. SpectroPhoenix

    Skipper Canteen officially changes menu

    I went with a group of friends on Saturday for the first time and had a fantastic meal. Everything we had was delicious and our server, Robert, was absolutely hilarious.I was worried about the future of the restaurant because of how many empty seats there were around us, but I loved our...
  11. SpectroPhoenix

    Today's news, new Muppet Show Might Return to ABC

    Between The Muppets, Galavant, and Agent Carter, I'm feeling pretty miserable right now. :(
  12. SpectroPhoenix

    Disney After Hours Event

    This event really makes me appreciate the pricing and offerings of MNSSHP and MVMCP. Significantly better deals in my opinion. Lines are usually ridiculously short due to crowds being so spread across the park.
  13. SpectroPhoenix

    New Hope for Indy Themed Land at the Studios?

    I think an Indy water ride would be a great idea. HS is the only park currently lacking a water attraction (Frozen being Epcot's). It'd be unique to the Studios and definitely help with the Florida summer months.
  14. SpectroPhoenix

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    Amen to everything you said. It was a rollercoaster of emotions Saturday night. I was first worried that they were going to completely cancel the race, and then relieved when we were walking to our corrals, and then depressed when they told us it was going to be cut short, and then relieved...
  15. SpectroPhoenix

    Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon

    I appreciate your optimism :) Things are looking better in the rain-department, but this 100% humidity at midnight is pretty depressing, and that's coming from a Floridian.
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