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  1. Seabasealpha1

    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    I like the esthetic much better than the other pavilion...Just logging in for the first time in months... What's going on with the PLAY! pavilion? Dead, abbreviated, or unknown?
  2. Seabasealpha1

    Rumor Muppets to Take Over The Hall of Presidents

    God...please...no.... This would be a horrible idea...
  3. Seabasealpha1

    Motion Sickness - How Do You Prepare / Prevent it?

    Uh. I mostly make sure that I don't take too much dramamine after riding Mission: Space and then “accidentally” nap during Impressions of France... Not that that’s happened before...
  4. Seabasealpha1

    Construction restarted at Walt Disney World Resort - What is Actually still on

    If nothing else they’ve gotta clean up the massive hole in the middle of Future world...
  5. Seabasealpha1

    What's Still On and What's Now Off

    Soooo Epcot. What’s getting ditched then? They’re gonna look stupid as heck for tearing all this stuff down if they don’t move forward...
  6. Seabasealpha1

    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    Poor Joe! I feel for the guy...you know, I’d bet he’d love to just fix the damned thing...but...corporate environment.
  7. Seabasealpha1

    Main Street Fountain Removal

    Nine pages of discussion over a removed fountain and I see a picture of the undertaker and realize that I want some nachos... It’s Monday...
  8. Seabasealpha1

    News Haunted Mansion To Remain Closed For Unknown Reasons

    That or he's angered the Tiki Gods... (what'll catch fire next?)
  9. Seabasealpha1

    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    I'll admit it was kinda cool to see some of the stuff (Buzzy). But after the Big Thunder vid...and some of the demolition stuff...I can't help but worry that he's gonna wind up dead from falling off of something or getting smacked by ride vehicles during a test or something gruesome... He's...
  10. Seabasealpha1

    Odds of a Space Mountain Refurbishment in 2021

    Likewise, I love the Matterhorn at DL. I would never say it's great on the back...they do seem content to let some things slide...
  11. Seabasealpha1

    Odds of a Space Mountain Refurbishment in 2021

    "Buzz Mountain" sounds like an EPCOT attraction that would be an overlay for the Food and WINE festival...
  12. Seabasealpha1

    Splash Mountain...don't want to get soaked

    Maybe someone has said this...depends on the season...you're more likely to get "more wet" (soaked isn't really a thing on this...Kali River Rapids is SOAKED) during the summer months... However, if you're concerned...sit at the back of the "log" and like Marni said, wear a poncho. You're...
  13. Seabasealpha1

    News Haunted Mansion To Remain Closed For Unknown Reasons

    I have this theory that the park is protesting...
  14. Seabasealpha1

    Change what you want to Spaceship Earth but don't change ...

    Just finish the descent of the ride to actually have something to look at...
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