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  1. sbkline

    Tables in Wonderland Is it worth getting?

    It's been a while since we have done Tables in Wonderland. Can someone refresh my memory on how much it costs and whether one has to be an annual passholder? We are planning on going next spring. I will have over $2000 in Disney Rewards points on my Disney Visa and I always use that to pay...
  2. sbkline

    When can we make reservations for the Space-Themed Restaurant at EPCOT?

    I hear this restaraunt is supposed to be open "this winter". We are planning a trip at the end of May 2020, so presumably the restaraunt should be open by then. But I am about a month away from my 180 day mark to make my reservations. Any news on whether they will be taking reservations...
  3. sbkline

    Cinderella's Royal Table supper

    I've seen the "Descendants" movies. I know those princesses have to have some private time with their fellers sometime or another in order for them to have children. :D
  4. sbkline

    Cinderella's Royal Table supper

    Same characters all day, or does it vary from breakfast, lunch and supper?
  5. sbkline

    Cinderella's Royal Table supper

    Does Cinderella's Royal Table still have a full character experience for supper, or is that only for Breakfast?
  6. sbkline

    CandleLight Processional

    On allears.net, it says that it shows nightly. But I have heard from others that it is only on select nights. Which is true? We are arriving and checking in to our condo on Sunday November 26 and staying for 5 nights. Leaving Friday morning. Doing MVMCP Tuesday the 28th. Is there a common...
  7. sbkline

    CandleLight Processional

    I was checking at Allear.net for info on the Candlelight processional and they still have 2016 info up. When do they release info for 2017?
  8. sbkline

    Upcoming Attraction Changes - Confirmed and Likely Rumors

    Is that a serious reply or are you being sarcastic?
  9. sbkline

    Upcoming Attraction Changes - Confirmed and Likely Rumors

    I saw in another thread that the Great Movie Ride is going to be closing. Then someone in this thread mentioned a "re-work". Anything official as to whether it is getting eliminated altogether or just getting a refurbishment?
  10. sbkline

    What movie was it???

    Every time we go through the Great Movie Ride and see the John Wayne scene, I wonder what movie that is from. I can't remember everything he says in that scene, but he says something about "I ain't fixin to get myself shot" or something like that. In the latest issue of "Celebrations", it says...
  11. sbkline

    Crowds last week of November

    We are planning a 5 night visit right after Thanksgiving this year. Arriving Sunday November 26 and leaving Friday December 1. When we go in the spring, I like to do 12 nights, but this is just a shorter trip to be able to see the Christmas stuff. But I was just curious how the crowds should...
  12. sbkline

    Tables in Wonderland question

    How much does Tables in Wonderland get you? Is it still 20% off? How does that compare with the Annual Passholder discount?
  13. sbkline

    Animal Kingdom after dark?

    We are going in Mid March and I have a day set aside to do Animal Kingdom at night. I have an ADR for Tusker House as well. However, less than two months out, I am seeing that the March schedule for Animal Kingdom has the park only open until 7 PM when we are there. Would it be a good bet to...
  14. sbkline

    Fastpass Question

    Cool, sounds good. The lag time shouldn't be an issue since we are doing one park in the morning, then coming back to the condo for midday break then back out to the next park for supper and evening activities.
  15. sbkline

    Fastpass Question

    So just to clarify, some of your party members did not even use their fastpasses, and just had to wait until the time had completely ended and then they could book additional ones after that? That is what I am concerned about. I know our youngest daughter is too little for any ride with a 40...
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