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Animal Kingdom after dark?


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We are going in Mid March and I have a day set aside to do Animal Kingdom at night. I have an ADR for Tusker House as well.

However, less than two months out, I am seeing that the March schedule for Animal Kingdom has the park only open until 7 PM when we are there. Would it be a good bet to assume that they will extend the hours as we get closer to March, or is that pretty much what it is going to be?

We already have a regular day planned at AK earlier in the trip, and on the day in question, we are doing the first part of the day at Epcot, then back to the condo for a midday break before going back out for the evening. There is no point in going into the park for dinner just to have to turn around and leave the park almost as soon as dinner is done. I may as well just cancel it and plan another evening at the Magic Kingdom or something. But I really want to see the park at dark and do some of the rides at dark so I hate to cancel it if there is a good chance that the hours will get extended as March approaches.


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I second keeping it for now. They have been playing with the hours a fair bit this year. And, the park is really lovely at night. And, Tusker House and Tiffins are both great (as are all 3 table service restaurants at Animal Kingdom Lodge).


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AK is REALLY fun at night. AK has pretty much always been my least favorite Disney park but when we done the DVC event there a few months ago I can honestly say that I walked away with a totally different perception of AK. If you can ride Everest in the front at night I CAN NOT RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH! One of the greatest views in all of Disneyworld. Definitely try to go there at night. Also if you can ride the Safari at night I can't recommend that enough either because the nocturnal animals are actually active and especially the lions. Seeing them up wrestling with each other was incredible. Also VERY intimidating. For sure try it at night if you can!


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We were there last July and it was open pretty late, I want to say midnight, but I could be wrong. I agree with @DuckTalesWooHoo1987. AK used to be my least favorite park, but experiencing it at night was pretty cool and I like it a lot more now. We did the same things -- rode EE at night, very cool. The Jungle Book show was on, but we chose to skip it and it seemed like we had the whole park to ourselves! We also did the safari, which was neat and the animals were out, but I couldn't see them very well.It was a whole new experience being there at night. Oh, and the Tree of Life - just beautiful. I can hardly wait for Avatarland and all the other lands to be built!

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