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Crowds last week of November


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We are planning a 5 night visit right after Thanksgiving this year. Arriving Sunday November 26 and leaving Friday December 1. When we go in the spring, I like to do 12 nights, but this is just a shorter trip to be able to see the Christmas stuff. But I was just curious how the crowds should be that time of year? Even though the primary focus is to see the Christmas stuff, I would like to do rides if possible. Plus, I would also like to do a Sea World day, which limits the amount of time I can do in the Disney parks obviously.

I though about just not doing Animal Kingdom and doing Sea World instead, and then doing the other three parks. But I was hoping that perhaps the crowds would be much lower such that I could perhaps do Animal Kingdom in the morning and get alot done, and then do Magic Kingdom that evening for MVMCP and get alot done there as well. Then a day for DHS and Epcot. My friend told me that he went the first couple weeks of December and at the MVMCP, he was able to just walk right onto all the rides. I figured if that would be the case, that would be great.


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After the holiday crowds do lighten up but the first weeks of Dec have become busier with guests trying to get in on the holiday decorated parks before Christmas week hits. The first 2 weeks used to be quite light but now they have gotten more popular and you will encounter crowds and waits in line more than even a couple of years ago. AK will be more popular with guests because of the newness of Avatarland. No one knows yet what affect it will have to the rest of the park as guest flock inside. MVMCP has also gotten more popular, it does fill up but as the evening wears on and guests leave you can walk on rides.
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The week right after thanksgiving is our favorite time to go because there are so few families there with kids getting back from break and finishing up the semester. Probably one of the lowest crowd times
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My daughter and I are going November 27-December 2, 2017! I have heard that it is a great week to go (fingers crossed), we are also doing the Christmas party. ..have a wonderful holiday:joyfull:.
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