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    New Effects at Indiana Jones Adventure - Disneyland

    We rode it twice on Monday. The first room was completely dark both times save for the headlights on the ride vehicle, and the volume seemed to have been turned way up to the point that you could understand Mara even less than usual in the next room. Maybe this had something to do with the new...
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    "Mickey's Death Wheel"

    I absolutely CANNOT go on the swinging gondolas. I did once, and that was the end of that.
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    2nd family now sues Disneyland for racism involving characters

    My sister was knocked down by Winnie the Pooh sometime around 1989. Time to call up our lawyer.
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    Hidden mickey plates in HM gone

    From what I've heard, the plates were never supposed to form a hidden Mickey, but we're rearranged that way by a few cast members. I think it has become somewhat of a tradition for the cast members of the ride to switch them to the hidden Mickey style after management takes it out. I sure I'm...
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