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Recent content by princessmommy

  1. princessmommy

    Requesting Servers?

    Does anyone have current servers they'd request on the dream?
  2. princessmommy

    5e- can you pick your staterooms?

    i know you can't choose the corner 5e rooms but is it possible to choose other specific 5e rooms if you book well in advance? I've checked a few dates and only see 5e gty. We need 4 rooms in 2018 just preliminary stages right now since we can't book anything but I plan on booking opening day...
  3. princessmommy

    Blue Lagoon Island

    Does the beach day excursion include lunch?
  4. princessmommy

    Biscuits and gravy

    Whispering canyon- just like momma used to make:)
  5. princessmommy

    Carriage rides at POR

    Did this in December and LOVED it!
  6. princessmommy

    Guided fishing- need advice

    Thank you @Magnolia Mickey! Appreciate the feedback!
  7. princessmommy

    Guided fishing- need advice

    booking a guided fishing excursion as a surprise. We are staying at POFQ. I like the idea and convenience of being picked up right there and fishing there. However, if you think or have experience getting bigger fish on 7 seas lagoon or crescent lake- I wouldn't be opposed to cabbing over to...
  8. princessmommy

    Splitting Up the Bill

    Just don't customize bands for the second stay. Standard grey ones will be waiting at the resort. That way they don't show up at your house.
  9. princessmommy

    AoA-Value To Moderate?

    The suites always qualify for free dining- it's the little mermaid standard rooms that are excluded.
  10. princessmommy

    Getting to Mickey's Backyard BBQ

    Can we park at Wilderness Lodge and boat over to Ft. wilderness? I'd like to tour the lodge before the BBQ:)
  11. princessmommy

    AoA-Value To Moderate?

    AOA is a value resort. The suites cost in the moderate/deluxe range because they are suites. little Mermaid rooms are only slightly higher than Pop Century preferred rooms. The resort itself still only offers value amenities. Food Court, toiletries, no pool slides, etc.... Plus it is still the...
  12. princessmommy

    AoA-Value To Moderate?

    All star Music has suites that sleep 6. Coronado also has suites. Then there are the cabins that sleep 6. And 1,2,3 bedroom villas and the deluxe villas.
  13. princessmommy

    AoA-Value To Moderate?

    This is true. The Little Mermaid rooms book solid without promos, so there is no need to have promos to fill the rooms.
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